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Subway Chipotle Southwest Sauce Copycat Recipe
Subway Chipotle Southwest Sauce
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Sauce
Calories: 96
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.5 (37 reviews)

Everyone hip on Subway's sandwiches knows the key to cloning the flavor of many of the chain's top-sellers is in hacking the secret sauces. For example, Subway's Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich is pretty bland without the Sweet Onion Sauce. And one of Subway's newest creations, the Chipotle Southwest Cheese Steak, is just a cheese steak sandwich without the Chipotle Southwest Sauce. Now, with this simple sauce clone, you can recreate the slightly sweet, mildly sour, and a little bit smoky sauce at home to take any of your home sandwich creations on a trip to the spicy Southwest. But you don't have to stop at sandwiches. This sauce also makes an amazing dressing for a zesty Southwestern-style salad. You'll need to pick up some ground chipotle chile in the spice section of your market. McCormick makes good stuff.

Source: Top Secret Recipes Unlocked by Todd Wilbur.

1/2 cup mayonnaise
2 teaspoons lime juice
My SON says!!!
Fiona Martin  
Submitted on: 06/01/17
My son came to visit me today and he was raving about this Subways Southwest Sauce that he loves and can't find it in the grocery store so I went on line and found 2... this one and another one. Since I had Chipotle peppers in Adobo sauce to make some burritos, I thought I would try it. I tried the other recipe first and he said that it was not the same flavor and it was far too dark and should be more of an orange color. Then I tried your recipe and when I got him to taste try it. His eyes lit up!
Submitted on: 07/11/16
I think it was exactly like the one in subway
Submitted on: 06/15/16
Put this on burgers. My son, who hates mayo on burgers, was dipping his burger into the small bowl I had this in! Delicious! Thanks for recipe.
Submitted on: 06/20/15
Just made sauce omg so good
Great for sandwiches and wraps
Submitted on: 06/29/14
I drop the mayo, water and vinegar and use krema instead. It s thicker, still has the tang and most of all is has far few calories.
Submitted on: 06/28/14
Pretty good, it does have a strong mayo taste to it, but for a vegan this is great! There's nothing I love more than a veggie w/ chipotle sauce on it.
good, but not a copy
Submitted on: 06/24/14
Sorry but this is not a copy of the recipe. It taste way too much mayonnaise. I ended up addind a spoon of sour cream to cut down the mayo taste. and I double de lime juice because the sauce was not tart enough. It is a good sauce, but if I feel like subway southwest sauce... i'll go to subway.
great for chicken wraps
Mrs. Nads  
Submitted on: 06/16/14
Frozen chicken strips, some lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, plus this sauce in a flour tortilla. Sooooo yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe.
Sophie Lawler  
Submitted on: 04/01/14
I love this recipe, thanks for posting it! Very similar to the real thing, so happy I can now make it myself.
Excellent for a Reuben sandwich
Submitted on: 02/03/14
Excellent sauce for a smoked meat sandwich with saerkraust and swiss cheese. I made it without the cilandro and thyme.
Submitted on: 01/14/14
I made a chicken wrap added the sauce and it was awesome!
Very Good
Submitted on: 12/11/13
Taste a lot like subways chipotle sauce, but not exactly. You can taste the mayo kinda. Ill try adding more of the ingredience next time.
Submitted on: 11/02/13
I used real chipotle chillies (got them in a tin from the local IGA) - worked a treat -play around with your ingredients to get it to your taste
Submitted on: 10/26/13
Recipe is great, added a bit more of the chipotle chilies to make it spicier and kick up the flavor. To the person that rated it low and said it wasn't thick enough for them, maybe try not adding the water? just a thought. To the person that said it tasted to much like mayo, add more chipotle chilies, everyone's taste buds are different, you need to modify the recipe to your liking.
Submitted on: 09/30/13
We put this southwest sauce on our grilled hamburgers! We used toasted buns & added pepper jack cheese, red onion, avacado slices, jared jalapeno slices, and a slice of bacon!! Best burger ever! I ommited the water.
Two thumbs up!
Submitted on: 07/06/13
We love this recipe! I make it now every time we have steakems.
Did I use a different recipe?
Submitted on: 06/13/13
I made this exactly and it states and my taste nothing like the stuff from Subway. I let it chill and everything. It taste more like mayo than anything. I tried adding more ingredients here and there and no hope :(
Submitted on: 05/07/13
After doubling the chipotle powder, it's close to Subway, but not exact. It's sweeter and the cilantro is very powerful. I actually like it a bit better than the Subway sauce.
So good!
Submitted on: 05/02/13
This does taste so much like the Chipotle Southwest sauce we get in Subway. I did add a little tsp of brown sugar for that slight sweetness. Letting it chill in the refrigerator is a vital step because it lets all the flavors marry. I left it alone overnight and it did not disappoint!
Submitted on: 04/12/13
Oh my word...This is so good !! Fantastic sauce for alot of things !!
Submitted on: 02/28/13
This tastes very similar to the sauce available at Subway; great job! Delicious on chicken.
Submitted on: 01/08/09
This recipe is close but I found it to be exact if you substitute Miracle Whip for the mayonnaise and use a full teaspoon of the ground chipotle chili pepper. I couldn't tell the difference.
Submitted on: 09/06/08
I found this recipe to be thick and spicy, without any issues with consistency like previous reviewers. I think the key is to let it sit for longer than an hour, maybe even 3 or 4. I let it sit overnight and the flavor that developed was awesome. I would definitely recommend this sauce for anything, from burgers, wraps, etc. It also makes a good dip for veggies.
Submitted on: 10/15/07
The sauce is good and has a great kick. However, the consistency is not the same, this isn't as thick. It's close just not exactly the same.
Submitted on: 10/15/07
Very good! Almost like the original!!! I love this sauce and can now make my own subs that taste almost like the subs at Subway! Thanks so much for this recipe!!
Submitted on: 03/06/06
This is great just like the real thing. My son is a wing nut and very picky about sauce, he loves this.
Submitted on: 01/26/06
While this had the kick of the subway sauce, it tasted nothing like it. I don't know if I did something wrong, but I followed the recipe and used the recommended McCormick seasoning.
Submitted on: 01/25/06
This is so good - not only on sandwiches but also as a dip for chips. I'm trying to watch my salt intake - I tripled the recipe but only used 1/3 of the salt and it was still excellent!
Submitted on: 01/21/06
Can't get Chipotle pepper in Scotland so used ground jalapeno and a wee bit smoked barbeque sauce. Oh and some red jalapeno jelly. Tasted GREAT!!!
Submitted on: 01/21/06
I can't distinguish the original from the copycat, they taste exactly the same!
Submitted on: 01/18/06
I added 1/2 a canned chipotle - that brought the flavor up. As is I found it tasted too much like mayonnaise.
Submitted on: 01/17/06
It is fantastic!!! I think you really got the taste on this one -- as always!
Submitted on: 01/17/06
I threw this together in minutes and it's EXACTLY like the Subway stuff.
Rosemary Chapdelaine  
Submitted on: 01/17/06
This is fantastic! Tastes exactly like it! My daughter in law works and manages a Subway in Ohio and she thought I bought it from Subway Store!
Submitted on: 01/17/06
Not just good on a grilled sandwich, but, good also as a dip w/veggies.
Submitted on: 01/17/06
Can't get ground chipotle chile powder here in Australia, so I substituted some Chipotle Tobasco sauce, a friend sent me from Oregon,instead. WOW....green salad, macaroni salad, steak fingers, chicken fingers, fish & chips...you name it, and this sauce makes it BETTER. Thanks for the great recipe!
Submitted on: 01/16/06
This was the bomb, but I did add some honey to sweeten it a little.