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Nuts 4 Nuts Candied Nuts Recipe
Nuts 4 Nuts Candied Nuts
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Snack
Calories: 310
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.6 (37 reviews)

The streets of New York City are peppered with Nuts 4 Nuts vendors selling freshly candied nuts that you can smell a block away. For a buck or two you get your choice of warm, sugar-coated almonds, peanuts, or cashews wrapped up in a little paper bag with the corners twisted closed. The nuts are candied right there on the carts in a large metal bowl over a heating element. When the nuts are added to sugar and water they are stirred vigorously until the water evaporates and the sugar crystallizes into a crunchy coating, without burning. They're easy to make on the street, which means they're even easier to clone at home. All you need for your own quick version of this addictive street snack is 1 1/2 cups of your favorite raw nuts, some sugar, a little water, and a hot saucepan, and you're about 4 minutes away from an authentic New York City treat. The recipe works best in a pan that isn't nonstick, and the nuts must be raw. The oil added to roasted nuts prevents the sugar from properly crystallizing. Use this recipe with pecans or walnuts, and then sprinkle them over fresh spinach or baby greens, along with a little goat cheese or Gorgonzola and some diced apple or pear for an easy gourmet side salad.

Source: "Top Secret Recipes Unlocked" by Todd Wilbur.

2 tablespoons water
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups raw nuts (not roasted)

1. Bring the water and 1/4 cup sugar to a boil in a medium saucepan over medium heat.  

2. When the sugar has dissolved, add the nuts. Stir occasionally to coat the nuts. At about the 2-minute mark, stir vigorously. In about a minute, the water will evaporate and the sugar will crystallize on the nuts. Turn off the heat immediately when all of the sugar has crystallized on the nuts, but keep stirring. The sugar should begin to caramelize and turn light brown on the nuts. Pour the nuts onto a plate to cool. 

Makes 1 1/2 cups.

: You can add other ingredients for flavor variations. Mix in 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon to the pan for cinnamon-flavored nuts. Add 1 teaspoon vanilla extract to the pan for vanilla nuts.

sugar peacons
Submitted on: 03/23/14
Just made it. Had a bad sweet tooth tonight and it hit the spot. I did add a splash of vanilla.
nuts for nuts candied nuts
Submitted on: 02/22/14
it's the easiest recipe and it works! Thank you for making life easier. Now we don't have to spend a lot for candied nuts. I used different flavors as you suggested. I also mixed nuts and they are good. To make them crunchy, put them in the preheated oven for about ten minutes after cooking them.
Stacey H  
Submitted on: 12/18/13
Firstly, I used roasted cashews (my hubby loves them) and I added cinnamon. After mixing in cashews with sugar mixture, I spread nuts onto a baking sheet and baked for 15 mins at 350. Result: WINNER!
Just okay
Submitted on: 12/09/13
The nuts were still raw after the process. Repeated and then put in the oven to toast like other recommended. Still not the taste I was hoping for, but still good.
Awesome results
Submitted on: 10/23/13
Easy and amazing results!
Submitted on: 08/01/13
Like Janice, The nuts were still raw when finished. Had to repeat process and then put in oven.
Submitted on: 02/04/07
This recipe is what i love about TSR, something that costs a lot when purchased from a vendor, but inexpensive yet still impressive at home. I find I need to let them sit for a few hours to reach their full crunchiness. As for my favorite flavoring, toss the nuts in a good bourbon whiskey (1/2oz) before adding to the sugar, then add 1tbsp after the sugar starts to firm up (but before crystals). and some vanilla and cinnamon. Makes a great gourmet gift, can be used as everything from a pocket snack to ice cream to salads and even soups/stews. Also, try grinding these into a nut butter and it will be the first to go as a veggie dip.
Yahs Baby  
Submitted on: 02/05/06
I made this tonight for the Superbowl and they were delicious! I added M&M's and Reese peanut butter chips for a quick and tasty mix. I am going to make some more for gifts! I added a few dashes of cinnamon. Next time I will use a little more sugar because I prefer them coated all over. Great recipe!
Submitted on: 01/03/06
This recipe was fantastic. I combined the cinnamon & vanilla. I made at least 8lbs worth and they disappeared as fast as I could make them or give them as gifts.
Submitted on: 12/30/05
After I got the sugar coating on the nuts, they didn't turn brown and they tasted like raw nuts. I toasted them in the toaster oven and they were much improved. Next time I will toast the nuts prior to making the recipe.
Submitted on: 12/27/05
These nuts do a vanishing act faster than any other snack. They are habit forming.
Submitted on: 12/22/05
I loved this recipe! I made it one night just see how it would turn out and I think I have to make some more because everybody loves them. I added some cinnamon to the recipe and they turned out great!
Kimberly Bruemmer  
Submitted on: 12/21/05
Very tasty, but watch out they're highly addictive... mmmmm mmmmmmm!
Submitted on: 12/19/05
These turned out great! I mixed in some powdered sugar and it lightly coated the nuts. We can't stop eating them.
Submitted on: 12/19/05
I made two batches, one my son took to work and the other I took to work. Both were a hit! Thanks for a great one!
Sharon, Oregon  
Submitted on: 12/18/05
My Grandmother used to make these in the early 50's...with cinnamon & a bit of cloves...called "spiced walnuts". But I like them with pecans, cashews and macadamias! WONDERFUL! ("nuts 4 nuts" is not a new recipe)
Evelyn Savarino  
Submitted on: 12/16/05
I added some amaretto and some almond flavoring. Fantabulous.
Tracie Breiter  
Submitted on: 12/15/05
This is a great recipe, however, even after making at least six batches, I can't get the crystallized sugar to caramelize. What I do is let the crystallized sugar melt again while stirring, and after a short time, the nuts are brown and delicious.
Submitted on: 12/15/05
Really easy and very tasty. For those of you who crack pecans to use in this recipe, try boiling the nuts in water for about 10 minutes and then cracking them while they're still warm. Then, dry the nutmeats in a 275° oven for 20 minutes; turn oven off, and let set until cool. You'll have whole nut meats to work with.
Melanie in FL  
Submitted on: 12/15/05
I love this recipe! I just spent the morning making 8 batches to give out to neighbors. Now I need to go buy more nuts so we can have some ourselves. Easy and tasty. Just what I needed.
Submitted on: 12/15/05
This was great and so easy to make. The kids loved them.
Submitted on: 12/14/05
I added vanilla...they were simply delish. What a great recipe!
Submitted on: 12/14/05
Incredible: The salad mentioned in the lead-in was even better. ;)
Submitted on: 12/14/05
These are wonderful!! Thanks!!!
Submitted on: 12/14/05
Easy and DELICIOUS!!!!!!!...GREAT STOCKING STUFFERS or any time of the year!!!
Steven Vaughan  
Submitted on: 12/14/05
A very good holiday treat! I love it.
Betty Gallinger  
Submitted on: 12/13/05
They are delicious and easy to do. Thanks.
Dianne Crockett  
Submitted on: 12/13/05
These are wonderful!!! Just like the ones we get at the big Holiday Fair every year. Now I can make them at home. Try adding a bit of coconut...Yum
Gma Guy  
Submitted on: 12/13/05
Ooooh! And just in time for Christmas. An easy out, just what an old lady needs. The macadamias and cashews were really impressive in fancy jars (sans the coffee or jam that came in them).
Linda G  
Submitted on: 12/13/05
Norm Vance  
Submitted on: 12/13/05
The taste is just wonderful and they make the entire house smell great.  
Submitted on: 12/13/05
This is similar to a version that I use. The exception is "after the nuts have caramelized; place in a baking pan, sprinkle lightly with salt, bake 30 minutes at 350*F, stirring after 15 minutes." The raw nuts get baked and taste wonderful. Cool and enjoy.
Submitted on: 12/13/05
Another yummy spice to add is a dash of Cayenne pepper. Sweet with a little bite - yummy.
Sonny Cline  
Submitted on: 12/13/05
This came out very well; I used Splenda instead of sugar and it still worked. Then I tried another batch using Sugar...same taste more calories.
Submitted on: 12/12/05
What a quick, easy hostess/Holiday gift! I added cinnamon to some, chili powder to others! Both were hits. Wonder what curry or cumin might taste like?
Submitted on: 12/12/05
I can't give it a perfect score because I've never had "Nuts 4 Nuts" nuts, but man this recipe is easy and its so good!  
Submitted on: 12/12/05
These are delicious! Great to share at a party. Really need to use raw -- not roasted -- as the recipe states.