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General Foods International Coffees Recipe
General Foods International Coffees
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Drink
Calories: 70
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Recipe Rating: 5.0 (3 reviews)

With just a few simple ingredients you can recreate the European-style coffees that come in rectangular tins at a fraction of the cost. Included here are clones for Cafe Vienna, French Vanilla Cafe, and Suisse Mocha. Since these famous instant coffee blends are created by Maxwell House, its best to use Maxwell House instant coffee, although Ive tried them with Folgers and Tasters Choice, and the recipes still work out fine. you'll also need a coffee bean grinder to grind the instant coffee into powder. When you're finished making the mix, you can store it for as long as you like in a sealed container, until you're ready for a hot coffee drink. At that point, simply measure some of the mix into a cup with boiling water. Stir it all up and enjoy while watching shows about Europe on the Travel Channel to enhance the experience.

Cafe Vienna
A creamy coffee with a hint of cinnamon.

Submitted on: 03/18/06
Great recipe but instead of grinding it, put coffee in a resealable plastic bag, seal and roll with a rolling pin. Works great and nothing to clean! Add remaining ingredients to the bag, mix, cut a hole in one corner to neatly pour into container. I also double the amount of coffee listed to suit my taste.
Submitted on: 11/17/05
I love this recipe. I make my own flavors also and use Splenda instead. You can't even tell the difference. I grind everything up in a mini processer to make it really fine like the real thing. I give this out at Christmas now and everyone loves it.
Submitted on: 11/14/05
What a great recipe to personalize. I really like GFIC, but the price and the amount of sugar keep me from buying very often. Now I can make my own with decaf coffee and Splenda sweetener, plus create new flavors. A little cinnamon, rum extract, and butter flavoring (liquids from the candy making section- just mix well into granulated sugar) and I have my own winter Eggnog blend.