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Famous Dave's Wilbur Beans Recipe
Famous Dave's Wilbur Beans
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Side Dish
Calories: 150
Cook Time: 40 minutes
Recipe Rating: 0.0 (0 reviews)
Menu Description: "Baked beans loaded with smoked pork, brisket, hot link and jalapeno peppers."

David Anderson published a recipe for Wilbur Beans in his cookbook, Famous Dave's Backroads & Sidestreets, but the recipe isn't a perfect clone for the beans that are now served as a side dish in each of the 170 restaurants across the country. For example, the recipe in the book (the same recipe is also found abundantly across the Internet) requires strip steak which is an ingredient not found in the restaurant dish. The barbecue pork and brisket have been left out, and the book recipe requires that you use Famous Dave's barbecue sauce but is not specific about which variety of Daves sauce to use, nor does it offer a nearly identical alternative if you can't find that particular brand. After several visits to my local Famous Dave's and chatting with the store manager I'd gathered enough information to create this recipe with more accurate and specific ingredients, plus alternatives to help you whip up a spot-on clone for a dish that not only do I love to eat, but also that I felt destined to replicate once I saw the name.

Source: "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3" by Todd Wilbur.

6 slices bacon
8 ounces smoked pork sausage (2 links if using Farmer John's)
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