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Subway Classic Tuna Recipe
Subway Classic Tuna
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Rating: 3.7 (13 reviews)
Out of the corner of my eye Ive been watching the stack of requests for this one grow tall over the years. I keep telling myself, "Why start off on a journey down a dead end road, Bub? Its just tuna and mayo...hardly a Top Secret Recipe." Then one summer day I find myself at a hole-in-the-wall Subway shop talking to a dame behind the counter. She isn't giving up any recipes that afternoon but she is willing to give me two large tuna subs with absolutely nothing else on them. that's right, I like em plain, sister. This way, when I'm back at the lab, its just me and the tuna. One-on-one. Man-to-fish. After a few hours - and a couple of stiff energy drinks - I decide there is indeed more to this sandwich filler than just tuna and a creamy mother sauce. It looks to me like we have a Top Secret Recipe here after all. So, if you're a fan of Subways Classic Tuna, heres a TSR formula that will produce enough tuna to fill three 6-inch subs. Just grab two 12-ounce cans of tuna, and make sure the can says, "chunk light tuna in water." After you mix up all the ingredients and give the tuna a real good chill in the box, load it up on your favorite sandwich rolls. I like mine real crusty. Add tomatoes, onions, lettuce, or whatever else you fancy when you're looking to fill that hole in your stomach after a long day on the job. Kick off your shoes and dig into this overdue classic from Americas largest sandwich shop. After all, you asked for it.
24 ounces chunk light tuna (in water, drained)
1/3 cup mayonnaise
I use food processor
Submitted on: 12/04/13
Mayo and tuna - what makes it taste like Subway to me is putting it in the food processor and blend until fine. But Subway has all the veggie toppings which is what I love about their tuna sandwich and I usually don't have all that stuff on hand :)
Submitted on: 09/10/08
I am a previous Subway Sandwich shop owner and there is no "secret" here. The recipe really is tuna and mayo. You have to get the tuna as dry as possible by squeezing out all the excess water. Mix in as much mayo as you like, chill and serve!
Submitted on: 03/05/08
I like Subway tuna a lot, but this recipe was not what I expected. It has a little bit too much lemon juice, and not enough mayo. I also a little bit of pepper, for an extra bite.
Submitted on: 02/17/08
As a District Manager for Subway, the others on here are right, just mayo and tuna, squeezed dry till your hands hurt and flake apart...use hellmans mayo to make it taste like subways, the secret really is to squeeze it dry!
Submitted on: 01/17/08
Completley agree with these other subway workers(I've been there too. I WAS THE TUNA GIRL) I made the tuna EVERY morning.. It's just a package of tuna, and add mayo to your liking.. no lemon juice, no salt, it's fairly simple, but it does taste differnt when made by differnt people...
Submitted on: 11/07/06
It takes exactly like Subways tuna to me. I am glad I tried this. I rolls I buy from my local little market/bakery makes the best sub rolls to go along with this..Thanks
Bev in Australia.  
Submitted on: 10/10/06
What a simple but delicious mix. I've become addicted & always have a container of it in my fridge.It must also be so healthy with all that wonderful omega 3.
Submitted on: 09/09/06
Taste like the real thing. I must agree with (G.E. I think) we need the bread recipes.
Sally L  
Submitted on: 09/06/06
Well you embelished this a wee bit, but you left out the most important thing in their excellent tuna...that is to simply drain the tuna in a colander for 5 minutes then hand squeeze til dry before adding to the mixing bowl and adding mayo to your liking. I have eaten this at some Subways where it is far too "soupy" and the "master" plan is to keep it relatively dry, just enough mayo to hold it together...this allows any other additions to the sandwich to comliment it not make it break down into a muchy mess. (this from one who worked for the chain, I might ad)
Pam Blair  
Submitted on: 09/06/06
Tastes like the 'real deal'. I did, however, use albacore...
Submitted on: 09/06/06
Is that all there is to it???? I love Subway tuna!
Submitted on: 09/05/06
There isn't any lemon juice in the tuna at Subway. I worked there, I promise it's just tuna and mayo. Nothing special. I will however say that one trick is to wear food handling gloves and break the tuna into tiny pieces, really break apart every possible piece. And cold is important too. But there is no lemon juice in it. The tuna isn't anything special either, just plain tuna in water. We couldn't salt it because that would change the nutritional information but I guess it can't hurt. Really people, it's just tuna and mayo.
Submitted on: 09/05/06
I love this recipe! This weekend I consumed two, 6-inch sandwiches from the famous sub shop alone. Now, thanks to Todd, I can make my own! This recipe is perfect and tastes exactly like the real thing!! Now, if we could only get the secret recipe for the Italian herb & cheese bread, we'd be all set, Todd! Thanks for the hard work and hitting the nail right on the head! Everyone who is a tuna-lover, you've got to try this recipe. It's the best!!! Don't pass it up!