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Starbucks Caramel Macchiato Recipe
Starbucks Caramel Macchiato
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Rating: 4.0 (26 reviews)

If you've got an espresso/cappuccino machine, you're well on your way to recreating a top-choice Starbucks coffee drink. For the caramel part, you can use any caramel sauce that you find in the grocery store near the ice cream toppings. Pick your favorite. Just note that to make this recipe work best you'll only need 3 tablespoons of a richer caramel sauce (like the stuff Starbucks uses), but more like 4 tablespoons of a lighter sauce (such as fat-free Smuckers). For the vanilla syrup you can use the bottled syrups, such as those made by Torani, or just whip up your own clone from scratch using the recipe below. By the way, if you want to make this clone super-accurate, pick up bottles of the vanilla syrup and caramel sauce the pros use that can be found for sale in many Starbucks stores.

Vanilla Syrup
2 cups water
Sbux guy  
Submitted on: 02/05/07
The ingredients are correct however, this is not the way you make a carmel macchiato. First: add your vanilla syrup in to the cup then, add your steamed milk up to about 3/4 of the cup, then, add a just about rest of cup with foam (which will be tough to do unless you have an espresso machine, you could always blow bubbles in the milk) after that add the espresso then top with carmel syrup. That's the official way to make a Carmel Macchiato!
Submitted on: 11/11/06
I found this recipe after buying a Jura Capresso F7 for $1300. My wife and I were very disappointed that our drinks didn't taste very good. So we searched online and found this recipe. After reading all the comments I was skeptical. Some people said it was just like the Starbucks drink; and some ex-Starbucks baristas said it doesn't compare. My experience was that this recipe worked P-E-R-F-E-C-T-L-Y. I couldn't be happier with the taste. It truly tastes just like the Starbucks version. Here's what I did: - Put Stabucks vanilla syrup (actually purchased at Starbucks) in milk. - Used the Capressa wand to steam the milk (with vanilla) for 30 seconds; I then frothed the milk for 90 more seconds (so it was hot!) - I brewed espresso on the "strong" setting directly into the milk - I put the caramel on top - I STIRRED it all together until it was a nice light brown / caramel look. It still had plenty of crema after stirring and it TASTED PERFECT! We're SO HAPPY! THANK YOU for the recipe!
Submitted on: 08/16/06
Tried this recipe with the TSR espresso tip and since I like starbuck's macciato with sugar I doubled the vanilla syrup. I also pored the espresso on top of the foamed milk. This recipe is awesome!
Ex Starbucks Employee  
Submitted on: 07/09/06
I havn't tried this yet but i used to work at starbucks and i don't know where this "ex starbucks manager" worked but the shot of espresso goes on top of the milk.. its the only drink at starbucks where they do this all the others the shot goes on the bottom.. but not on the caramel macchiato
Submitted on: 05/20/06
AMAZING...tastes just like Starbucks. Although I had to make it a few times before getting it down just right.
Submitted on: 04/01/06 pocketbook is going to love me! I think this recipe just saved me about $100 a month! I do have to admit that I adjusted it just a bit, though. Instead of making the vanilla syrup, I just added 1/2 packet of Splenda and 1/8 tsp of vanilla and wasn't a bit sorry!
Good to the Last Drop  
Submitted on: 03/12/06
I tried this recipe and it was great. If you want to emulate Starbucks you need to have the right ingredients. I used their syrup and carmel sauce but still don't think it is necessary. As others have said you don't stir a macchiato. Syrup first then steamed milk, then pour the shots over the steam milk. I roast my own coffee because I want to ensure the freshness and like different blends. However, to get close to Starbucks you need a dark roasted blend. Lastly it is important to save the froth from the steamed milk and add after you have added your shots of coffee. The froth will heed the carmel from sinking to fast into the drink. Also if you buy the carmel from Starbucks the opening is too big as it lays down thicker lines of carmel and also tends to sink to fast. You want thin lines of carmel layreed over the froth so it siniks slowly into the cup.
Submitted on: 02/02/06
Who cares if you stir it or not? I prefer mine iced with whipped cream ... umm hmmm.
Momma Barista  
Submitted on: 01/29/06
Great! I love this I put carmel in the bottom, stir and then mark the milk -- yummy. My favorite caramel is Torani.
Submitted on: 01/19/06
I think this is great. I have made the same recipe at home on my machine using the Starbucks method and it was fabulous and I still pick one up when I'm out sometimes to enjoy someone else making it! Starbucks is great (Or Daily Grind in Virginia) which they add an orange flavoring to their version) but, sometimes you're sitting at home and just crave a CM. So it's especially nice when you live in a rural area to just fix your own. Thanks for the recipe!
Submitted on: 12/24/05
I think that this recipe was very good, but its not necesarily as good as the Starbucks CM. Also, whoever the man who made this recipe is, I was manager for a Starbucks in New York for 3 years, and I think that the only major flaw in this recipe is that the milk goes ON the esspresso, not under. I admire the fact that you do this, it is a major help for many people, and only costing around 79 cents for a recipe,? GUYS WHO BASH THIS MANS WORK, IF IT TASTES GOOD, SAY THANKS, IT DOESNT HAVE TO BE EXACTLY LIKE THE ORIGINAL STARBUCKS CM!! He isn't the creator, so anything close takes a professional. You try it and then see how it feels to be put down for your hard work Good job ;) I shall give you a raise since i now know what you go through if you actually read this, I'm sorry I ever put it on the website.
Submitted on: 12/07/05
Yuck.... so much better not stired. If you're gonna make this don't stir it. Besides I think macchiato means "mark the milk" or sumthing. DON'T STIR IT.
Dame Stjernelys  
Submitted on: 11/14/05
This is just as good as Starbucks' version! A very welcome addition to my recipe collection, given that I'm an expat stuck in a country where there are no Starbucks to visit! Though I do make this as a true Macchiato, by pouring the espresso over the steamed milk and then putting caramel on the top... and I add 8 shots of espresso to mine instead of what the recipe requires (which is how I ordered mine at Starbucks!)
Submitted on: 11/09/05
Very good...don't listen to the other "baristas" who have all the time in the world to nit-pick every last detail. I prefer this to Starbucks.
Submitted on: 11/09/05
The secret to a good drink is to ONLY use Starbuck's Espresso coffee. I make the vanilla syrup, but omit 1/3 c. sugar. I don't stir. I no longer pay $5 for a coffee drink any longer (4-5 times a week). Funny, I only saw cold milk used for this drink, never steamed, when I was at Starbucks.
Submitted on: 11/03/05
Thank you so much for the help and for the poeple who put the order together. As for the people who worship Starbucks and "it can't be matched" you act like you own a Starbucks. Check out the frap recipe and youll see it tastes exactly the same.
Submitted on: 10/29/05
This is ridiculously INCORRECT. As all the other baristas have mentioned, this isn't even close. Don't waste your time with this...just get a REALLY DELICIOUS one at Starbucks.
Submitted on: 10/24/05
Just so that you know, that is so not even close to the real thing. I work for starbucks and i tried your recipe and it is so far off i cant imagine how anyone could like it. Also like RobTheCoffeeMan stated, it a macchiato, not a latte, the espresso is poured on the foam. Please if anything, dont stir it, i think though that if you want a proper CM then you should just go to your nearest Starbucks and get one.
Submitted on: 09/09/05
I thought this tasted almost exactly like the original and it saves me so much money making it myself. Thanks Todd. Keep up the good work.
Submitted on: 08/21/05
You made the drink wrong. I used to work for Starbucks .... you put the syrup in first, then the steamed milk, then pour the espresso shot on top so the espresso drops through the milk. Then add the caramel on top.
Submitted on: 08/15/05
I am a one year Starbucks barista, and I have tried following these 'top secret' recipes, and regarding this caramel macchiato, it is nothing like Starbucks, nor can it be compared to starbucks. The Starbucks Espresso beans are melted into a liquid form by an espresso machine and then poured into the cup. But first, the order must be accurate. To make a Caramel Macchiato, it's vanilla syrup first, steamed milk, foam on top, then you pour the espresso shots into the cup, lastly, you pour the caramel sauce on top. This way, the caramel will melt/fall to the bottom of the cup which will make it a caramel flavor. Using this recipe, you do not stir it. If you stir it, in this case, you're more making a Caramel latte with vanilla syrup, not a macchiato. Overall, NOTHING can outmatch Starbucks Coffee....NOTHING!!
Submitted on: 08/07/05
A pretty close comparison and a fraction of the price
Jen the Barista  
Submitted on: 07/29/05
I work at Starbucks, and while you got the ingredients right, the order is not. Vanilla syrup first, steamed milk second, espresso third, and caramel sauce last. DO NOT STIR!!
San Diego Fan  
Submitted on: 07/21/05
Not too bad, but I prefer to buy the caramel syrup on sale at Starbucks to make my own at home.
Submitted on: 07/20/05
This was the first recipe I tried from TSR about 1 1/2 yrs ago. It was great then and is now.
Submitted on: 07/19/05
The only real issue I have with this is the fact that you stir it. Macchiato means "to mark the milk". What that translates to is pouring espresso over steamed milk, then carmel is put on top.