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Red Robin Campfire Sauce Recipe
Red Robin Campfire Sauce
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Sauce
Calories: 324
Recipe Rating: 4.7 (6 reviews)
Red Robin is known for great gourmet hamburgers and tasty cocktail concoctions, but the 400-plus-unit chain also serves a huge tower of onion rings that comes with a side of this creamy, slightly sweet-and-smoky dipping sauce. An Internet search offered up a few clues about what might be mixed into this mystery sauce, but the complete culinary conundrum was yet to be solved. A mixture of mayonnaise and barbecue sauce was a good starting point, but with so many varieties of barbecue sauce on the market I had to figure out which came closest to the flavor of the original Campfire Sauce. So, I went back to Red Robin, obtained a sample of the barbecue sauce they use, and conducted a side-by-side taste test of all the major brands on the market. After more spoonfuls of straight barbecue sauce that any human should consume at one sitting, I finally concluded that Bull's Eye Brown Sugar and Hickory comes the closest to the sauce used at the restaurant. A little more experimentation with this sauce, some mayonnaise and a couple of other ingredients, and I eventually had in front of me an awesome re-creation of the delicious dipping sauce that can be served with home-baked onion rings, poppers, french fries, or as a really great hamburger spread. Mission accomplished.

Source: "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3" by Todd Wilbur.

1/2 cup mayonnaise
3 tablespoons Bull's-Eye Brown Sugar Hickory Barbecue Sauce
Soooo Good
Submitted on: 11/02/13
Doesn't get much better than this.....When I want to make a bigger portion, I just go with equal parts of Hellman's mayo and the BBQ sauce as well as a tsp of chipotle powder.
Awesome and identical
Bill C  
Submitted on: 08/16/13
This sauce recipe is awesome and identical to the taste of Red Robins Campfire Sauce for their Fried Onion tower.
Submitted on: 10/18/08
I Love Onion Rings And This Went Great As A Side. We Don't Get Campfire Sauce Here, And This Rocked.
Walt D in LV  
Submitted on: 10/17/08
Another perfect recipe! I'd like to know, Todd, which mayonnaise YOU used. I used Best Foods (Hellman's on the east coast) and it came out great, but would a generic work? Todd writes: I used Best Foods brand so I know that works. You'll probably be okay with a generic, but I'd say go with the brand-name if you can.
Chris from Pa  
Submitted on: 10/16/08
I followed the recipe exactly and it is amazing. It tastes just like the restaurant. I even used it as a dip. My guests loved it!
Submitted on: 10/14/08
This sauce is very, very good! And it's so easy to make. My son is a Red Robin fanatic and this passed his taste test with flying colors. I wouldn't change a thing about it! Thanks!