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Outback Steakhouse Bleu Cheese Chopped Salad Recipe
Outback Steakhouse Bleu Cheese Chopped Salad
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Salad
Calories: 360
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.8 (15 reviews)

This cheesy little number is one of the most popular salad choices that come with any entree order at Americas favorite steakhouse chain. Cinnamon Pecans and fried angel hair pasta are tossed with salad greens and a delicious sweet and sour bleu cheese vinaigrette. The crunchy angel hair pasta pieces are made by first boiling 24 sticks of uncooked pasta for half of the usual cooking time. When the pasta is cool, you'll simply fry it in a bit of oil until light brown and crispy. The cinnamon pecans are easily candied in a small saucepan with a few basic ingredients. The recipe here makes two large salad servings, which will require only half of the dressing. This way, if you want to serve more salads you can easily double up on the other ingredients, and you'll have just the right amount of dressing to go around.

Source: "Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 3" by Todd Wilbur.

Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette 
2/3 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Submitted on: 03/17/14
Great dressing, but it's not like my Outback. You'd think they'd all be alike. But I like it and will make it again!
Submitted on: 02/15/09
Wonderful! This salad may be even better than Outback's. I thought first it looked like too much work, but it was worth it!
Submitted on: 12/28/08
This salad is the biggest reason I go to Outback Steakhouse!! Then I found this recipe on this website!! OMG it is spectacular!! It tastes just like the salad at Outback!! I did use rice noodles instead of the angel hair pasta though but was even better!! Thank you, thank you for this recipe!! It's the best!!
Anne Patrick  
Submitted on: 08/28/07
We love the salad at Outback and this recipe tastes the same to me and my family. Every time I make it, it is the first food to go..even the grandkids devour it. A little work but well worth the effort!
Submitted on: 07/23/07
OMG! This was SO perfect. My husband couldn't believe it tasted just like it. I left out the angel hair pasta (I burned it!) but we didn't even notice it wasn't there. I am in love with this salad!
Submitted on: 03/14/07
I have made this salad several times and it tastes just like the Outbacks. I made it for company and they loved it. Try this one it's great!
Submitted on: 01/08/07
Better than the one they serve at Outback!
Barbara Vinson  
Submitted on: 12/04/06
Although good, it was not like Outback's although the sugared pecans and pasta crunchies were perfect - the rice vinegar gives it a similar taste but the Outback dressing is thicker, brown in color, and has a different taste. We eat at Outback at least once a week and I always have this salad so was a little disappointed in this not being like Outback's but I will make it again because it was good.
Anna V.  
Submitted on: 10/13/06
I have made this salad twice now. The second time I made it it was for company and they loved it. Tastes just like the Outbacks. I halved the recipe and it still fed 5 adults. It's a wonderful salad and so worth the trouble.
Submitted on: 07/24/06
I only made the dressing but it is so good. Tastes exactly like the restaurant version.
Janet C.  
Submitted on: 06/27/06
This recipe is FANTASTIC! I love this salad and was very excited to see this recipe. Thank you!
Janet C  
Submitted on: 06/24/06
I have been waiting for this recipe and it was worth it! Thank you - it's perfect!
Submitted on: 06/23/06
WOW ! ! ! My first thought - a salad that I didn't have to cut up before eating. Having the combination of the blue cheese, sour vinaigrette and the the cinnamon nuts was just an experience of an explosion inside my mouth.
Karen Cochran  
Submitted on: 06/22/06
This is one of the best salad recipes I've ever tasted. I would recommend cooking more than 24 pieces of the pasta. I will more than double it next time. My husband loved this when I made it last night and said it tastes just like the Outback version. Thanks so much for this FREE recipe!
Jan Crowe  
Submitted on: 06/20/06
I really enjoyed this salad when I ate it at the restaurant. I think this recipe tastes like the restaurant version.