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Lone Star Steakhouse Lone Star Chili Recipe
Lone Star Steakhouse Lone Star Chili
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Rating: 4.3 (10 reviews)

Menu Description: "Meaty and spicy, served piping-hot with chopped onions, shredded cheddar, and a whole jalapeno."

This chain makes a tasty chili that warms the bones on a nippy day. This clone recipe is easy-to-make, low in fat, and delicious. And if its super brisk outside, you might want to add an additional tablespoon of diced jalapeno to the pot to aggressively stoke those internal flames.

1 pound ground beef
1 diced onion
Submitted on: 03/05/08
My family LOVES this chile. But, I used mild banana pepper ring and the juice from them also in place of the jalapenos.
Submitted on: 10/21/07
I've been making this one for years. People have asked me about the recipe countless times. I tend to spice mine up, but this is a great recipe as-is, too!
Submitted on: 10/19/05
needs some cumin!!
Submitted on: 10/18/05
We love this chili. Every time I make it, everyone talks about it for days!!!
Submitted on: 09/18/05
Real Chili is not cooked with beans. Cook the beans seperately and pour the chili over the beans.
Submitted on: 09/13/05
I have made this chili substituting the beef with ground turkey a couple times and thought it was delicious! I also substituted the diced jalapenos for diced mild green chilis. My husband hates really spicy but I like my foods spicy. I agree with Angela that this is an awesome chili to use for chili dogs.
Submitted on: 08/03/05
I have made this chili for many parties and get togethers and I have to say I get rave reviews each and every time. I do subsitue the kidney beans for the jalapeno ranch beans.
Submitted on: 07/31/05
I made this chili for a school contest and everyone thought that it was delicious! Ever since then it's become a family favorite and everybody loves it! Just make sure you simmer it for a long time because that's when the flavor it the best. Good cooking!
Submitted on: 07/21/05
I just made this recipe and although it was good, it was not my favorite chili recipe nor my husband's. I did obmit the jalapenos though because I didn't have them on hand and because my family hates hot stuff. Maybe that would have made it stand out as wonderful.
Submitted on: 07/21/05
It's not the best stand alone chili, but it is awesome for chili dogs!!!