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KFC Cole Slaw
KFC Cole Slaw
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Salad
Calories: 95
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.8 (190 reviews)
If you've ever seen a clone recipe for KFC Cole Slaw floating around on the Internet it probably looks like this. That's because this replica has become one of the most copied and pasted recipes from the first book, Top Secret Recipes. So, to stake claim to a recipe that's rarely sourced as a TSR original, here's the secret formula to clone the world's best slaw.

1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/3 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup buttermilk
2 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 1/2 tablespoons white vinegar
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
8 cups finely chopped cabbage (about 1 head)
1/4 cup shredded carrot (1 medium carrot)
2 tablespoons minced onion

1. Be sure cabbage and carrots are chopped up into very fine pieces (about the size of rice).

2. Combine the mayonnaise, sugar, milk, buttermilk, lemon juice, vinegar, salt, and pepper in a large bowl and beat until smooth.

3. Add the cabbage, carrots, and onion, and mix well.

4. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.

Serves 10 to 12.

Submitted on: 04/06/14
This is the second time I've made this and used all organic ingredients and it was so delicious! This will be my go-to recipe for cole slaw ever time and I can't wait to have my mother try it cuz she won't believe it. We're always trying to find the best creamy cole slaw and this one is awesome!
Submitted on: 04/04/14
Excellent recipe, when there is a picnic or get together people always ask me to bring this. Love it!
Just like the real thing!
Submitted on: 03/23/14
This slaw is amazing! KFC slaw is one I really like and this is an exact copy! Absolutely wonderful! If I'm not careful I'll eat the whole bowl!
Submitted on: 03/23/14
Made it exactly like recipe. My husband thought I'd snuck home some KFC :)
Where did the slaw go!
Tammy Wallar  
Submitted on: 03/21/14
At all family dinners the bowl of Cole slaw is all that was left and eventually in the garbage. Not this one, I went too get seconds at the table and it was gone. Say bye bye to throwing away Cole slaw.
Joyce Park  
Submitted on: 03/20/14
This is the best recipe what I tried!!! Thank you so much!! My 5yrs and 1yr old sons love to eat them!!!
Friend thought I bought it KFC
Submitted on: 03/17/14
I made it for a super bowl party and when a friend asked where I bought it, I told her I found this recipe online. She later asked my husband if I really made it. It tastes just like KFC!
simply the best
Oscar Subirana  
Submitted on: 03/10/14
I am from Bolivia but lived for quite a while in the USA where I used to eat KFC with coleslaw. I hadn't tried it again ever since. My wife just made this recipe. I loved it! It was like going back in time...
Super Duper Fantastic
Submitted on: 03/09/14
Easy, quick and taste great. It really tasted like I got it from KFC.
Excellent with couple of changes
Submitted on: 03/08/14
I omit the onion completely - even a little seems to overpower everything else. I never have buttermilk so I sub ranch dressing instead and think it makes the recipe better. I also make a little more sauce than the recipe calls for. Company always polishes this off.
Something's Wrong Here!
Lisa Gordon  
Submitted on: 03/02/14
I knew from the start something was missing -MORE of this remarkable slaw! And hey I even forgot the lemon.
Absolutely Delicious
Submitted on: 02/28/14
By far, hands down the best homemade coleslaw I've ever made/eaten!! I will never by store bought again!
Great first time.
Submitted on: 02/26/14
I tried it not knowing if my family would like it, great first impression, thanks.
Submitted on: 02/25/14
This is the one. I made it and it was so good. If you want KFC...this is it. The best cole slaw ever!!! Thanks.
best cole slaw
Submitted on: 02/22/14
This is the best recipe. I left out buttermilk and it was till tasty. love it
Not quite there for me
Submitted on: 02/21/14
Glad for the reviews. Next time will put the store bought slaw mix in the food processor. For me it was not sweet enough. In the first 24 hours the taste of lemon was too prominent. After 48 the lemon is not noticeable, but still not quite as sweet as the real thing for me.
Submitted on: 02/21/14
Fantastic recipe!!!!!!!
Fricken awesome!
Submitted on: 02/15/14
I worked for KFC for years as a teen/early twenties and I knew the minute I bit into it! I will only make coleslaw with this recipe from now on!
Submitted on: 02/10/14
Just the right mix of ingredients to create the perfect KFC flavor slaw dressing.
Terrific recipe
Submitted on: 02/07/14
This recipe is great. I substituted sugar for splenda and used low fat/fat free milk and mayo. I usually buy a bag of cole slaw mix and chop is finer in the food processor. Definitely let it sit at least 2 hours. My hubby is picky and loves this.
Submitted on: 02/04/14
This is amazing I didn't have buttermilk so I used 1/2 cup of milk and 3 tbs of lemon juice instead! This is absolutely amazing recipe!!!
Definitely a Keeper!
Alexandra C  
Submitted on: 01/31/14
I made this for lunch to accompany grilled catfish on Texas toast and my fianc adored it!!!! OMG! He said it was best thing I've made to date!!! Although I did add avocado mayo and not regular mayo! This recipe is already printed and saved in my recipe box!!! Yummm!
KFC Slaw
Katie Hess  
Submitted on: 01/22/14
The Best coleslaw, and tastes just like KFC. I add a t. of horseradish and a t. of celery seed. Yum !
KFC Slaw
Submitted on: 01/18/14
Very good, as close as possible, maybe better than theirs.
David L.  
Submitted on: 01/11/14
Add a 1/4 cup of an Anaheime Pepper for a great twist.
TJ Smith  
Submitted on: 01/08/14
The only slaw my family will eat!
Submitted on: 01/08/14
We followed the recipe as it and it was delicious! Next time I may reduce the amount of onion. Other than that it is a keeper! Very simple to make as well.
Submitted on: 01/05/14
Couldn't wait to chill it, had some right there! 5/5 stars not chilled and im guessing 6/5 stars when chilled. Don't listen to all the bad reviews!
Excellent Recipe
Submitted on: 01/04/14
I tried this one and i think mine wasn't perfect maybe because we didn't have buttermilk here so i had to convert/improvise but it was close to KFC's nonetheless. awesome recipe. If you do it right you will get it right. Whiners, make your own recipe stop bashing this one coz its good. Its your problem it doesnt suit your taste.
Submitted on: 01/03/14
I made this for Christmas Day; it was a huge hit. Even my fussy Dad, who only normally eats KFC coleslaw admitted it was just like the real thing.
Waaa waaa!
Submitted on: 01/02/14
For you 1 star raters! Yall are out numbered by a 20 to 1 margin. Ain't none of you know what coleslaw is suppose to taste like. This was very good
awesome slaw
Rhonda B  
Submitted on: 01/02/14
Oh my goodness. .this recipe for Cole slaw is amazing. It was so easy and soooo delicious. We here in Indiana love it and will be making it a lot. Thank you!
Submitted on: 01/01/14
Used the recipe to the exact amount. However if you actually let it set in the refrigerator for 24 hours. It tastes exactly like KFC's. I should know considering I use to make it everyday!
Tarragon Vinegar
Submitted on: 01/01/14
Use tarragon vinegar instead of white vinegar and it tastes almost exactly like KFC coleslaw.
Just like Mom's !
Submitted on: 12/25/13
I have made this a million times, as I have your book. My father said that it reminds him of his mother's cole slaw. When someone tells me it taste like mom's...then it's good! Love it.
Best slaw I have ever had
Submitted on: 12/23/13
I bought premade shredded cabbage and carrot and put it in my food processor to make it small. I followed the directions exactly and WOW. It's going to be hard not to eat this before the Christmas party. Thanks!
Better than KFC
Submitted on: 12/05/13
I used a bag of the store brand cabbage to save time. I didnt use buttermilk or onion. This was better than KFC because it was so fresh.
The best of all
Submitted on: 12/03/13
Great recipe! I wa searching for a long time the perfect recipe for coleslaw, and this is thes best!
Don't change the recipe
Submitted on: 11/27/13
Love how people change the list of ingredients and then give this recipe poor marks. If you change the list of ingredients then it's not the same recipe
Submitted on: 11/14/13
When I made this it was so nice and I had so many comments.
Lisa G  
Submitted on: 11/02/13
KFC is the only coleslaw I ever liked. I keep tasting different people's slaw, but can hardly finish the tablespoon I served. I love this recipe, but not exactly KFC but close enough. I will be making this recipe for my family.
Submitted on: 10/24/13
Well it looks like there are a few picky people on this recipe but I made it 3 days ago and I only had one helping of it and my brother ate the rest in one day. So I made another batch just now and i didnt use salt but jonnys seasoning and no milk but just the buttermilk. Also, if you don't chop the cabbage up enough, the sugar and other stuff will not soak in enough. That is why some people are complaining about the too much sugar. Chop it up more and stop whining you complainers.
nilande almajor  
Submitted on: 10/22/13
I just tried this recipes and it taste perfect love it.
Submitted on: 10/21/13
Why all the sugar, and why milk? This is a nasty surprise for lactose intolerant people people who believe this stuff to simply be made with mayonnaise. We did not like it.
Reshma Pierre  
Submitted on: 10/16/13
This recipe is excellent! no words to describe as like my husband said,none can differentiate between the real kfc coleslaw and home made one. I tried without buttermilk,it was still awesome.
good and the same tastes as kfcs
Submitted on: 10/13/13
I just tried this recipe today, and I make it without the vinegar, i just added a pinch of salt to it ,and it tasted the same as the kfc's..It's very good and super yummy.
Submitted on: 10/12/13
not even close yuck and far too much sugar
Close Enough For Me!!!
LaToya B.  
Submitted on: 10/10/13
This is a very good recipe. I didn't use onions or white vinegar. I used apple cider vinegar instead. I also used prepackaged coleslaw mix and diced it more.
How the...?
Submitted on: 10/08/13
So I used a red cabbage and radish instead of onion. Sweetened with a bit of honey instead of buttermilk and fresh lemon. If I close my eyes it tastes just like KFC coleslaw! How is that possible?!
Better than Expected
Aleutian Tiger  
Submitted on: 09/22/13
Today, I made coleslaw from this recipe for the first time. I was very impressed on how simple the recipe is and how close to the KFC taste was. I ended up adding more white vinegar and black pepper, seasoning the salad to taste. The only reason that this recipe may not be an exact clone of the KFC slaw may have to do with ingredients such as Mayonnaise. I used Best Foods (Hellmann's back east). I think if something like Miracle Whip was used, the slaw would probably be not as good as it's
Submitted on: 09/19/13
Great, I love my Mom's and KFC's, I thought this was better.
I only like KFC for their coleslaw. ..
Submitted on: 09/15/13
Gave this recipe a shot for a fight party. It was a huge hit! Like someone else remarked, someone actually asked if I bought it from KFC and put it in a bowl!
Close but not close enough
Bill G  
Submitted on: 09/08/13
I made this for the first time and thought it was really good. The best I have ever made actually but most defiantly not the KFC recipe I have been searching for. The other guy that worked for KFC is right those are the actual ingredients I worked there to and have never been able to reproduce it. But this one will do just fine. TY for sharing.......
Submitted on: 09/08/13
This was a huge hit at a picnic I recently made it for. Many compliments and some asked me if it was from KFC!! It's a keeper...thanks!
Better than KFC
Submitted on: 09/06/13
I love KFC coleslaw, but I believe this is better! And I'm very particular. I've made it several times over the last few months and everyone always wants more! I replace the minced onion with onion powder though because that's what I already had at home. Still delicious! Love it!
Submitted on: 09/02/13
I made this yesterday for the second time this week. That speaks volumes for my non vegtable eating family. I substituted the milk and buttermilk to soy milk and it worked fine. I also added fresh black ground pepper for a little kick.
mother of 6  
Submitted on: 08/29/13
I made this for the very first time last week. Plan to make it again over the Labor Day Holiday. My family loved it! I have fond memories of my father's coleslaw and I would be proud to serve this to him. Allow your slaw to rest for atleast 2 hours or overnight. It only gets better.
Submitted on: 08/28/13
IF you don't like this recipe then you either didn't make it correctly or you don't like the KFC cole slaw. I've made this many times the past few years and have been accused of putting KFC's cole slaw in my own container.
Good but not KFC
Submitted on: 08/27/13
Good recipe but not KFC. You could fill a landfill with the Coleslaw I made in the 70's at KFC. The dressing is just Miracle Whip, Sugar, Oil, Cider Vinegar, Salt & Pepper.
Submitted on: 08/24/13
I love this recipe! I am not a big fan of KFC, just because of all the fat and MSG, but I love their cole slaw. Made this today and it is perfect! I replaced the sugar with Xylitol for some all natural lower calories, and some fresh farm egg-made mayo...sooooo good! Got this down to about 100 calories per serving. I also added some radishes from my garden and celery salt like some of the other reviewers. I will be making this for many bbq's to come!
Lori Anne  
Submitted on: 08/24/13
I made it exactly as directed and it is EXCELLENT!!!
Big Fella  
Submitted on: 08/19/13
If you're picky about food then don't then this recipe is disgusting. I made it exactly as shown except reduced sugar to 1/4 cup. If you're not picky about what you eat then you might like this but if you're from the south or grew up with well made cole slaw then this is not it. Love KFC and mom's version too.
sweetness & Calories
Submitted on: 08/16/13
Use Spenda~ it absorbs the same~ u can't tell the difference~ Equal amount kk?
Submitted on: 08/14/13
Finally! I can eat cole saw at home. If you like KFC cole slaw - well, this one is it!
Kim C  
Submitted on: 08/14/13
I ate half of it before my hubby got home.... Excellent recipe!!!! I will make this for my mother-in-laws annual july 4th celebration next year! Really great!
True to taste
Submitted on: 07/29/13
I had a hankering for KFC-style coleslaw and this recipe really did the trick. It won over my wife, who was a huge skeptic, and my son ate half of the coleslaw at one sitting -- it was that good!
Roll Tide  
Submitted on: 07/13/13
I read all of the reviews and made this recipe for my 4th of July party and it was a HUGE hit. I omitted the onions and added 1 teaspoon of celery salt. I also used the Dole brand pre-shredded cabbage w/carrots. This is so good it is hard to stop eating it. Tastes like KFC. Thanks!!!
KFC Cole Slaw Receipe
Submitted on: 07/04/13
The absolute closest to the real thing!!!!! I make this for special occasions and it is always the second thing to go, macaroni and cheese being the the first!!! I have tried others to no avail!!! This is by far the best one yet!! Happy 4th!!Gotta go make the slaw! :)
Submitted on: 06/22/13
Anyone who makes this recipe and says its not perfect needs to stick to boiling water or making toast. Tastes just like KFC slaw if not better . Thanks for the recipe. !
cynthia p.  
Submitted on: 05/27/13
I made this for the memorial holiday just a few minutes ago. This recipe is excellent I'll be referring it to everybody that asks!
Submitted on: 05/24/13
This was awful. I rechecked the recipe and I did it correctly. Find another recipe!!!
KFC coleslaw
Submitted on: 05/20/13
Great! But make more dressing than it states, everything depends on the size cabbage you buy. I added more buttermilk, sugar and mayo, it was sensational.
Submitted on: 05/09/13
I tried this tonight with pulled pork and it was a hit. At first taste I thought it would be to sweet but after letting it all mingle for about 3 hours it was just perfect. I did substitute the minced onion for onion powder because my sister doesn't like the feel of onion in her mouth. It really turned out really nice and will definitely make it again. Thanks for sharing!
Calorie Cut
Maria N.  
Submitted on: 04/25/13
Cut back the calories using Splenda instead of sugar, fat free mayo, skim milk, and no buttermilk. I love the results! !!
Submitted on: 04/01/13
Had my husband put this together the afternoon before a church potluck. The church ladies were super impressed and he even got a few proposals. The cole slaw was the first to go. Cabbage FTW!
Submitted on: 03/16/13
It is exactly what it says! This smells and tastes just like the coleslaw you get at any KFC! Yeah........we love it! :-)
Submitted on: 03/12/13
I cut the sugar back in this recipe and still nearly went into a diabetic coma! This was just tang, just rediculously sweet. And I wasn't expecting the sauce to be so runny. I'd cut way back on all the liquids. Both milk and buttermilk aren't needed, so pick one.
KFC cole slaw
Submitted on: 03/10/13
Delicious! takes a lot to please my husband and I. We love KFC cole slaw and this is it - thanks for sharing this great recipe!
Submitted on: 03/03/13
this stuff is awful. Anyone that thinks this tastes like kfc's doesn't have any taste buds. I made a batch and after letting it marinate 6 hours when i tasted it i thought i had to have made a mistake. I made another batch very carefully and it turned out the same, I can buy better slaw in the grocery store. Betty's foods in Reading pa. Their creamy slaw is as good as or maybe even better than kfc's. It's available in eastern pa. only.
rhonda lipsman  
Submitted on: 03/02/13
Its better than you buy from KFC.
KFC cole slaw recipe
Wally G  
Submitted on: 02/26/13
Wow....fantastic!! Made it 4 times already. Tasted just like I was at KFC....heck I was lookin' around for a bucket with some chicken legs in it...!!!!
Our Favorite Coleslaw Recipe
Submitted on: 02/24/13
I have been making this version for years and it is always a hit. Here is a tip, substitute sour cream for the buttermilk and you wont notice a difference! We also don't like our cabbage finely shredded so I just buy the pre-shredded cabbage and carrots blend. This also makes it a lot quicker to put together!
Spot On!
Submitted on: 02/08/13
I followed this recipe to the T. It was fantastic. KFC coleslaw is the only slaw that I like, so it's the only slaw that I ever eat, so I know what it's supposed to taste like. This is it. I took it to a Super Bowl bbq and everybody swore that I stopped at KFC and transferred the slaw to my Tupperware. I wasn't sure if mayo really meant Miracle Whip in the recipe. Luckily, I went with Duke's mayo and it worked wonders.
Nearly Perfect
Richard Shewmaker  
Submitted on: 09/19/12
I tweak this to my own taste. Instead of buying a quart of buttermilk, the smallest quantity that my supermarket carries, I just add a table spoon of dried buttermilk that I always keep on hand. I like the suggestion of adding some radish that a previous reviewer suggested. I also substitute celery salt for the salt in the recipe, and I add a teaspoon of dill seed. The result is the best slaw I've ever had.
undercover spy  
Submitted on: 07/23/12
Must marinate for 12 hours
Try Onion Powder
Tara Proctor  
Submitted on: 06/21/12
I loved this! I thought it had too much onion though. I decided to take the minced onion out and substitute onion powder. That definately made it taste even more like KFC coleslaw!!
Only missing one thing . . .
Lisa Renee Berger  
Submitted on: 04/09/12
I made the recipe exactly as posted. But when I tasted it, I was disappointed. So close but still not KFC coleslaw. Then I thought about adding celery salt. IT WORKED! Now it tasted spot on right. Sorry KFC but I will no longer be paying the big bucks to buy enough of your addictive coleslaw to feed a large party. Score one for the little guy!!!
Submitted on: 04/06/12
I made this coleslaw for a fish fry for 150 people. I made 250 servings. It was the first to go! Everyone loved it!!!!
Benjamin Sferrazza  
Submitted on: 03/20/12
Awesome recipe. Hits the nail on the head. Well, almost. But! Adding a cup of grated radish i think seals the deal. Gives it that "bite" or hint of heat, that i just luv in KFC slaw. Try it out.
Super Easy
Joan Howard  
Submitted on: 12/11/11
We thought the coleslaw was great. My mother-in-law had worked at mastering this recipe on her own several years ago. My husband loved it. After her recent passing, my husband asked me to make her coleslaw . . . . So glad I found this website!! I had never ask her for the receipe.
Submitted on: 08/09/11
I have been using this recipe ever since I bought Wilbur Todd's book a few years ago. This is a true story and I believe the cabbage in this recipe helped my husband! My husband had a 9 psa reading and prostrate cancer. He read that rats with prostrate cancer were fed raw cabbage and the cancer either improved or disappeared. After eating this cabbage recipe for a couple months almost every day. His psa went from 9 to a 6! I believe eating cabbage might have done the trick.
Submitted on: 08/08/11
Finally, the coleslaw recipe I have been looking for! I have tried others and they were pretty good, but it always felt like something was missing. But this recipe is perfect and very simple. I however did modify it a bit by omitting the buttermilk, and adding a little pickle relish. Thanks so much Todd! Thumbs Up!
Bobby Gilbert  
Submitted on: 06/16/11
This is an excellent recipe....I will make no other recipes after finding and making this one!
Submitted on: 07/07/10
I've been making this recipe since 2007. It's the only thing KFC makes that I like and now I make it any time I want. It's better than the real deal.
Submitted on: 06/06/10
Perfect as is in my mind! I love it even better than the real thing because I can make it organic and preservative free!
Submitted on: 03/27/10
Try replacing the sugar with Splenda for a slightly "reduced" calorie and more low carb friendly result
Cpl Lenny  
Submitted on: 12/23/09
Good stuff. I would go easy on the sugar, found it a bit too sweet. Try adding a few spoons of horseradish for extra tang. I used a cheese grater to slice up the cabbage and carrots.
Robyn Rofkar  
Submitted on: 12/08/09
This recipe tastes EXACTLY like KFC and is super simple. I "shred" my cabbage now by filling my blender half way with water, then adding some chunks of cabbage. Just a couple pulses will blend it enough to get the right side pieces. Drain, and do another batch until the whole cabbage is done.
Judy Orn  
Submitted on: 11/15/09
Finally, I won't have to drive 20 miles for KFC coleslaw..........can make at home. It was wonderful. Thank you.
Jean Jones  
Submitted on: 07/02/09
This was perfect. I don't like the buttermilk,so I left that out and the slaw was still great. Everyone loved it. Thank You
Eilen Kolton  
Submitted on: 06/23/09
I have made this recipe for years and have one comment and absolutely love it! There's no need to buy buttermilk. Just add the lemon juice and/or vinegar to 1/4 cup milk and let sit for 5 minutes which will turn the mixture into buttermilk.
66 evil_trix  
Submitted on: 05/17/09
I just made coleslaw with this recipe, and I can't tell the difference!! Awesome! It must the sugar that does the trick!
fish n chips  
Submitted on: 05/04/09
Very close indeed, tastes like the real deal.
Submitted on: 05/03/09
This recipe is AWESOME at first i halfed the recipe we realized how good it was so next time i made the whole recipe.Make sure you let it sit at least 2 hrs. or more.
KFC fanatic  
Submitted on: 04/15/09
I have made this recipe more than once and have had excellent results every single time. You honestly can not taste a differance between it and the original.
cole slaw lover  
Submitted on: 03/25/09
This tastes exactly like KFC; fabulous! Use a food processer to shred the cabbage.
Submitted on: 02/15/09
We bought a large bag of chopped cabbage and carrots,(much easier). I really thought it would be too much because it was only for my wife and me. Wow, was I ever wrong! We ate the whole thing in 2 days and went back for more. This is as good as the "REAL" thing! If you are a slaw lover, this is the ONE!
Submitted on: 11/23/08
This recipe is FANTASTIC!!!! I love it but if you don't really like the mayonnaise so much don't add as much as it tells you to. But other then that it taste as good as KFC
Submitted on: 09/27/08
This is very good, but make sure you let it set over night to get the real taste.
Submitted on: 09/09/08
Tasted the SAME as KFC, This is the BEST recipe for coleslaw yet
Love This Cole Slaw  
Submitted on: 08/31/08
My kids hate cole slaw, except that of KFC. I wanted to get a similar recipe to the famous version and came upon this website. I've made it 3 times (doubling the recipe) and my kids practically lick their bowls! There's never leftovers, we all love it. Plus, my husband used to work for KFC and he says the recipe is spot on. Thanks!
Submitted on: 08/03/08
I made this recipe today because my daughter and I decided to make a homemade version of KFC, and it turned out to be a big hit! I made a couple adjustments to the recipe (used lite mayo, plain yogurt instead of buttermilk, and fat free milk) because we are watching our calorie intake, but it still turned out to be a favorite part of the meal. It was the first thing to go! My husband said it was very close to the KFC version, but better and he was glad to have more of it available! Highly recommended!
Praire Review  
Submitted on: 07/27/08
My husband (who happens to be a big fan of the KFC slaw) just declared this the best coleslaw he has ever eaten! This comes together super fast with a food processor. At first there didn't appear to be enought sauce, but it creates more "juice" as this sits in the fridge. Yummy!!!
The Nottinghams  
Submitted on: 06/27/08
Well let me just tell you this is the first real time I have actually made coleslaw because I hate cutting up the cabbage well...... it is well worth it because I made this for a family cook out and my sister-in law husband is a very picky eater and he loved it in fact everone loved it the whole bowl was empty it was a hit!!!!
Dusty in Chatsworth  
Submitted on: 06/15/08
Yesterday I went to a KFC near me and asked them what ingredients were in the cole slaw. The girl stated that each store makes the actual slaw in house but the dressing is pre-made and comes in a yellow container, for the stores to add. My family decided to do a taste test. Yesterday we made the online recipe and let it sit overnight and also used a container of slaw from KFC. Nobody picked the KFC but seemed to like the flavor of the online recipe a bit better. Congrats! Thank goodness I found your recipe because I couldn't afford to buy KFC cole slaw due to the amount of it I eat. (I assume it is pretty healthy... better than a cheeseburger!)
Courty Court  
Submitted on: 04/24/08
Came out delicious. However, I don't like my cole slaw so sweet, so the next time I make this, I'll use a little less sugar. Also, a problem I have w/ KFC coleslaw is that I find it's too runny, so I'll also cut down on the milk. I made this recipe lowfat by using light mayo & 2% milk instead of whole milk. Still came out delicious & I'd definitely make it again.
Submitted on: 02/09/08
I have a picky family and they loved it. Taste just like KFC.
L Childers  
Submitted on: 01/10/08
KFC slaw uses Tarragon vinegar. It must be prepared one day ahead of time for maximum flavor. The tarragon vinegar will make the difference.
Out of Towner  
Submitted on: 01/07/08
The recipe is wrong. You use Spring onion not just any onions. Lemon Juice makes it too bitter. It's Cabbage, spring onion, carrot (carrot finely grated). Sauce in a processor: 1 part Mayo, 2 parts White vinegar, 1tsp Sugar, pinch salt and pepper. Mix the spring onion in the sauce not the salad. This is the True KFC Coleslaw Recipe. TRUST ME this WORKS
Linda from Florida  
Submitted on: 12/31/07
Absolutely the best! I get raves on it every time I serve it. The quality of KFC cole slaw has gone way down in recent years, but this tastes just the way it did "back in the day"! I leave out the onion, though, as it gets a bit overpowering the longer it sits, and I add a bit of celery seed. Great stuff!!
tori from tennessee  
Submitted on: 11/04/07
I found this recipe in one of your books years ago. this recipe is just as great, if not better than KFC. I make only this version. My whole family and friends love it!
Lucy Fortescue  
Submitted on: 10/30/07
This cole slaw is excellent and it is also an attractive side dish.
Submitted on: 10/29/07
I have used this recipe for years and it is the very best slaw ever...I am always asked for the recipe....My favorite of all your recipes.
Submitted on: 10/29/07
I have been making this recipe for years. I bring it to every family party. Its so easy to use the bagged pre-cut cole slaw and everyone loves it!
Submitted on: 10/26/07
THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE BEST SLAW EVER!!!! I used the bagged pre-cut and doubled the sauce. TONS of compliments and even my non-slaw eaters LOVED it! THANK YOU!!!
Pam from Colorado  
Submitted on: 10/18/07
My mother loves KFC's coleslaw. I tried this recipe and couldn't believe it. It was identical to KFC's. Don't change a thing. I used a food chopper to get the bagged slaw smaller. TRY IT...You'll like it!
Ms Fitz  
Submitted on: 10/18/07
This recipe is wonderful! I live 1/2 block from KFC, and only have two in my household, so I still buy from them most of the time, but for large potlucks or family dinners, this recipe is tops. I am always amused by people like the Colonel, who give a recipe a low rating without trying it. Like most others who reviewed this recipe, I liked it better the next day. Wonderful! Thank you for all the good recipes we get from you. I love your books, and give them as gifts to young cooks. They always have positives to say about the gift.
Diago from Buffalo  
Submitted on: 10/01/07
I use to work for KFC and one of my jobs was making the coleslaw. It is a very hard job as you must deal with all of the ingredients being extremely cold and most people can't handle such a temperature on their hands. As far as this recipe goes, I am not completely sure about the amount of each ingredient, but everything here is correct. I have already made it to KFC specifications using this recipe (let it sit over night) and it has came out exactly as it is in store.
Submitted on: 09/15/07
Tried this recipe and my friends thought it was the best they ever had. So did I.
Bonnie Peletz  
Submitted on: 09/14/07
Everyone in my family loves this recipe and I always make it for family gatherings.
Submitted on: 09/11/07
I love this recipe and to save time I bought a bag of prepared slaw in the grocery store and then used the rest of the ingredients for the recipe. It turned out well but you do have to adjust unless you have enough slaw to make the required batch.
The Colonel  
Submitted on: 08/29/07
The KFC restaurants don't even make the salads instore. Everything is outsourced to foodservice production companies. Can you imagine the liablity they would have if they had some teenagers making everything. In Canada all of the salads for KFC are produced by a company named Keybrand. I know this because I work for a company that once distributed the salads. FYI - the green KFC coleslaw is not mayo based either - in fact none of the salads are, they are made with a whipped oil base like Miracle Whip but not even that nice. Why would you tell people to 'chop' the cabbage and carrots? They should be shredded with the shredder attatchment on a food processor or use a hand cheese grater. lol - this is probably a tasty salad recipe though.
Submitted on: 06/18/07
This is what I have been looking for. All I can say is, just try it. The only change I made, the second time, was to cut down a little on the sugar. But I think this is exactly what KFC does to the Cole Slaw. It's the best ever
Submitted on: 05/30/07
I have been using this recipe for a while and substitute plain yogurt for the buttermilk for convenience. It is the best.
Submitted on: 05/26/07
Oh my god the best slaw!!! I doubled the 'sauce' part of the recipe though. With that much cabbage there isn't enough sauce to make it really saucy.
Submitted on: 01/17/07
A clerk at KFC told me that their instructions are to let it sit overnight, stir, and then they can serve it after an additional 8 hours. Makes sense to me to let it sit and have the flavors blend.
Submitted on: 01/04/07
OH MY GOODNESS!! This is the best cole slaw ever. I had a friend call me for my recipe, but instead I told her about this one, which I had been meaning to try. She took some for me to work the next day. Let's just say that after work I went to my local market and bought the ingredients I didn't already have and made it. The only thing I changed was decreasing the sugar in half. Also (a tip), if you don't have buttermilk (which I couldn't find at the market) all you have to do is mix 1/4 cup milk with 1 tsp of lemon juice, stir and let sit for 5 min. Voila! Thank you for this wonderful recipe.
Submitted on: 11/14/06
This is the BEST recipe EVER!! For my diabetic Mother, I replaced the sugar with the same amount of turned out FANTASTIC!! Thank you for such a GREAT recipe!!
Submitted on: 08/09/06
If you love KFC Cole Slaw you will enjoy making this recipe at home. I cannot tell the difference between the orginal KFC Cole Slaw and this recipe. I have made this recipe at least 30 times or more and it is great....Enjoy
Sandy from VA  
Submitted on: 08/07/06
WOW! It really tastes just like what you get from KFC. This is was fast and easy. I did not put the onion in and I used the prepared slaw mix you can get from produce. I had friends try it and they couldn't believe it. Actually they ate all of it.
Submitted on: 08/05/06
I absolutely love this recipe...It really is very easy......even for someone like myself who can't cook.
Saad Saleem Tabani  
Submitted on: 08/03/06
It was just amazing! And considering the freebies we Tabanis are, it was just anamazing recipe for the most delicious coleslaw I've ever had. And best of all, economical!
Linda from New Hampshire  
Submitted on: 07/10/06
This is Great, easy to make. I add 1 teaspoon of horseradish, adds a little kick to it. I make it with the prepackaged cole slaw to cut time, just as good.
Joan from Tn.  
Submitted on: 06/18/06
I love to cook, but I can't make a decent coleslaw. This recipe is fabulous. Tastes exactly like KFC.
Michelle in Kentucky (Home of KFC!)  
Submitted on: 06/13/06
Fabulous - honestly, I think it is better than the KFC version and it's much less expensive. I skip the onions, they're not needed unless you're a huge onion fan.
Fran from Washington  
Submitted on: 06/02/06
This is just like the real thing, I don't sub anything, have all the books too, used many and all turn out great.
Lesia from Colorado  
Submitted on: 05/16/06
I have never been able to make decent coleslaw, not even if I used the bottled coleslaw dressings! I found this recipe, gave it a try and have been making it since. I've made it with the pre-packaged mix as well as from all fresh ingredients. All I can say is...I can't seem to make it often enough especially in the summer. Thank you!!!
Amie H.  
Submitted on: 05/08/06
I thought this was great. My family loved it and thought it tasted just like the real thing. I did use the buttermilk and used the pre-chopped cabbage and carrot mixture. Will definitely make this again. Thanks!
Submitted on: 05/08/06
Delicious! If left in the fridge overnight before serving, it tastes even better!
T Woo  
Submitted on: 05/06/06
I used the tarragon vinegar and it added a nice kick. You might want to think about omitting the onions - the flavor of the onions intensifies the longer the mixture sets. Overall a pretty good recipe.
Submitted on: 04/20/06
I have been using this recipe for probably about 6 or 7 yrs and I love it. I make it all the time and my family even requests it for parties.
Submitted on: 04/19/06
I used pre-shredded slaw mix that I chopped fine. Easy to make and tastes great. I didn't used buttermilk instead I used regular milk.
Carrie from Massachusettes  
Submitted on: 04/19/06
This recipe is fantastic...Taste like the real thing...Instead of using buttermilk I used 2%, and it still came out great....I will make it often...Thank You.
Suzy, Kansas  
Submitted on: 03/29/06
I made it the traditional way and by substituting Splenda for the sugar and it turned out great both ways! Tastes just like the real thing!
Michelle In Arizona  
Submitted on: 03/18/06
Great recipe, tastes like the real thing. I didn't use buttermilk, just regular. Turned out perfect.
Lynne From New Zealand  
Submitted on: 01/31/06
Absolutely just like KFC. Love it ! Thanks heaps.
Submitted on: 01/30/06
Only one problem ---I couldn't stop eating it! KFC's was always my favorite coleslaw, and I actually thought this recipe was even better. I used freshly picked cabbage from a local farm, so that might be what made the difference.
Submitted on: 01/26/06
Great recipe - kfc all the way. Sweet, creamy and the perfect consistency. I guess poor Becky didn't make it right.
Submitted on: 01/15/06
Tarragon vinegar...that's what is missing. KFC even put it on the list of ingredients. Love their cole slaw.
Submitted on: 01/04/06
I don't really think this tasted like KFC - It looks like it, but doesn't taste like it. I thought the flavor was really dull. I had to add some more of the lemon juice and vinegar, and also added some horseradish for it to have some flavor. This recipe might be ok after you add the other stuff, but it doesn't taste like KFC.
Submitted on: 01/02/06
Exactly the same, down to the texture and creaminess.
Submitted on: 12/25/05
Have used this recipe for the last 2 years. The very best!
Susan from Arizona  
Submitted on: 12/19/05
This is a wonderful recipe. It's even better on the 2nd or 3rd day. I usually make it 2 days ahead before I take it somewhere. The first time I made it no one believed me it was home made, so the next time I used the pre-shredded coleslaw mix in a bag (which cut out almost all the time). Everyone loved it. When I use shredded cabbage I use half & half instead of milk so it won't wilt as fast. I also add a tiny bit of celery seed, and about 2 teaspoons of prepared horseradish which gives it a little bit of zip.
Submitted on: 12/18/05
When i made this recipe i used the bagged cabbage and carrots that are already chopped up, huge time saver! Anyway the recipe tasted exactly like KFC!! Families will love it!
John Chleapas  
Submitted on: 12/05/05
I used a lot less sugar in my first batch tonight. I added 1/2 a vidalia sweet onion and I used 50% reduced fat Helmans mayo. This is a killer recipe. It went great with my own home made version of spicy pulled pork sandwiches. Hey home made slow cooked BBQ over wood charcoal and coleslaw goes together. Thanks for the recipe! John C.
Submitted on: 11/21/05
I love it!!! It's just like KFC. Really Good :)
Submitted on: 11/14/05
Absolutely great. The only slaw I have ever liked is KFC. I love this recipe.
Submitted on: 11/11/05
It is fantastic. Everyone who tries it at the pot lucks loves it. I use red wine vinegar for the vinegar myself and bulgarian buttermilk for the buttermilk to get all the flavor I can.
Submitted on: 10/29/05
I really do not like Cole Slaw at all. I never get it as a side dish, and I never get it on my sandwhich if I get at a BBQ place. Though I don't like slaw, I had to give this one its rating because it does taste just like Cole Slaw at KFC.
Submitted on: 10/25/05
Great KFC clone, and even better with some personal tuning to suit your tastes. This is a BIT SWEET as is KFC so I cut that, and used all buttermilk. Love it! Thanks a bunch. Now where is the fried chicken and biscuits...
Zbigniew from Poland  
Submitted on: 10/15/05
Too sweet for me.
Submitted on: 09/21/05
Awe-some! This is the best recipe yet! All the men especially raved about how it was the best ever. I used a 1 1/2 bags of pkg'd slaw with carrots and cut into mince size pieces.
Kiley Yohn  
Submitted on: 09/19/05
I added celery seed and left the onion out. I thought this made it taste more like KFC cole slaw.
Submitted on: 09/14/05
This is the first clone I ever tried, over 5 years ago now. Considering how much KFC has changed their cole slaw, to the point that they seem to only use the bitter parts of the cabbage, I'd say this is like KFC cole slaw back in the good ol' days. SUPER Delicious!
Submitted on: 09/13/05
LOVED this recipe. I made it for my husbands birthday party and everyone raved about it. Couldn't believe I had made it and not bought it at KFC.
James H Oregon  
Submitted on: 08/31/05
We like it. Use five to seven packs of Splenda and rice vinager insted of sugar and white vinegar, for that sugar free touch. Yummy.
Mike from Kansas  
Submitted on: 08/21/05
Absolutely the Best! We have to have it everyday. We have added some crushed pineaple too. Is great on a BBQ beef or ham sandwich.
Steven from Finland  
Submitted on: 08/18/05
Fantastic Recipe! Here are a few things we have added for more zing. 1. Add 1 Tablespoon horseradish gives it a stronger kick. 2. Add a fresh ground mix of pepper (black, white, green, red + sea salt). This gives the slaw a subtle more complex flavour. You can also add a dash of season salt/garlic salt, but VERY lightly so you don't overpower the flavor. 3. Use 3-4 shredded carrots to balance the cabbage 4. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar (or Splenda) to the mayo mixture. 5. You can either use 1/2 cup buttermilk and no milk or 1/2 milk and no buttermilk if you want. Still turns out great.
Submitted on: 08/11/05
This was great. I made some up for our employee council golf tournament's luncheon and every one thought I bought it from KFC.
Submitted on: 08/04/05
RIGHT ON THE MARK! My husband didn't believe me that it was home made until I showed him the recipe... and even then he though it was from KFC! Great flavor and it was easy to make too!
Nicole Hogan  
Submitted on: 08/04/05
I have had this recipe for years from one of the first books. This is awesome! I have been asked many times if I went to KFC to get it! Thanks for creating such a great clone!!
Amanda Mills  
Submitted on: 08/03/05
OMG!! Holy %#*!, I want to be a chef when I'm older, and I'm always trying new things. Holy cow man, this was the first one I tried, and now people beg me to make it every day!! Im so happy!!! I love this recipe!!!!!!!
Mrs. Lesley Ayling  
Submitted on: 07/27/05
KFC has always been a favourite of mine. I am just going to keep making this recipe over and over. Its the best.
Submitted on: 07/26/05
The first few times I made this I was accused of buying it at KFC. Now everyone knows and I am always asked to bring it to family outings. This is the best cole slaw ever!
Submitted on: 07/21/05
This has to be the best clone ever done! And if you don't happen to have buttermilk (real or powdered) you can leave it out and the cole slaw will still taste fantastic.
Submitted on: 07/21/05
Just like the real thing. Yummy!!!
Submitted on: 07/18/05
ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! My family loves it. I use the shredding disk on my food processor to shred everything including the carrot. I also add some finely minced chives (use scissors for that). Finally, I use Splenda in place of the sugar and buttermilk powder for the liquid stuff--which always goes bad before it's used. Even my mother-in-law said it's great. Now that's something!
Submitted on: 07/18/05
The only cole slaw I like is from KFC. This is a perfect clone!
Submitted on: 07/18/05
Submitted on: 07/18/05
This stuff is on the money. The BEST and so easy to make!