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Hell Flakes®


Hell Flakes®

By Todd Wilbur
Original Price: $6.95
Sale Price: $5.95

As seen on the Dr. Oz Show. This unique blend of five ripe ground chili peppers of varying intensity wakes up practically any dish, adding awesome flavor and perfect—but not overwhelming—heat. The peppers included in the blend range from sweet (bell) to hot (habanero). The sweet hits your tongue first, then the hot creeps in.

Hell Flakes does NOT contain salt, vinegar, MSG or other ingredients found in liquid hot sauces—you get just pure chili flavor!

Hell Flakes is made from 100% natural chili peppers, which are a thermogenic, anti-inflammatory food. Capsaicin in the peppers helps to supercharge your metabolism so that you burn calories even after you've finished eating, and the peppers have an anti-inflammatory effect on your body to help give you relief from aches and pains.

Hell Flakes takes crushed red pepper flakes to the next level with smaller flakes and better flavor. Hell Flakes comes in a long-lasting flip-top shaker bottle to distribute the micro-flakes perfectly over your food. 

Hell Flakes was developed by food hacker Todd Wilbur, host of Top Secret Recipe on CMT-TV, and author of 11 Top Secret Recipes cookbooks.  

1.9-ounce shaker bottle. Money back guarantee. Kosher certified. Gluten-free.

Take advantage of our flat rate shipping: up to 2 bottles for just $2.77!

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Great on Popcorn too
Chris M  
Submitted on: 10/16/16
We use this on several dishes and it has a great flavor and heat. We especially like it sprinkled on popcorn.
Hell's Bell's
Gina Ward  
Submitted on: 02/12/15
Hell's Flakes are a staple in our home, and I've hooked everyone on it that's willing to try, who likes hot things. Like Tony Curtis said, "Some Like It Hot!" And we sure do at our house!
An Awesome Way to Add Spice to Burritos!
Submitted on: 11/04/14
This product's unique way of adding flavor and flame to my all time favorite burritos makes me want to eat more all day! A must try!!!
The Best 'Kick' Around
Char Fish  
Submitted on: 09/23/14
I like to add spice to everything I eat pretty much. I came across this (via web) and thought, sure, why not try it. At first I thought, it's just crushed red pepper flakes, no big deal, then I tried it and LOVED it....just the right kick and more importantly 'taste'. I like heat, but I like it even better with taste! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!!
Throw out your crushed red peppers
TheHotPepper.com (JayT)  
Submitted on: 09/10/13
These flakes are a wonderful replacement for crushed red pepper, which in my opinion is just awful because of the bitterness you get from the seeds. There is no bitterness here. No anything, but peppers. The simplicity what makes it great, and food is where it shines.
Submitted on: 06/22/13
Just used Hell Flakes in the place of Korean chili flakes to make a batch of cucumber kimchi with all those surplus cucumbers from the garden. Turned out exceptional! Just don't get too heavy with it. Excellent flavor and goes great with everything!
Good News Everyone!
Brian at Eatmoreheat.com  
Submitted on: 06/15/13
I highly recommend getting some Hell Flakes if you want to enjoy an all-purpose pepper blend that will add spice to your food without tampering with the flavor. That said, this is going to go well on pretty much anything. You can sprinkle on nearly any food and be satisfied. Just don’t overdo it.
Great stuff
Submitted on: 04/25/13
Just like they describe it, sweet, then heat. I've been adding to my eggs every morning. Very tasty. Not bitter.
Submitted on: 04/12/13
The flakes made my fish outstanding. I normally put some homemade ghost rub on fried fish but these flakes added a whole new flavor. My mouth burned pretty good but it wasn't too powerful. The 5-pepper blend to the fish was just right. I was impressed with the combination of sweet and hot peppers. We have since used the Hell Flakes on baked chicken, soups, wing sauce and (of course) pizza. Say goodbye to the average crushed red pepper flake and add a little Hell to your recipes!
Sugar Factory Uses Hell Flakes
Errol Tyler/ GM Sugar Factory  
Submitted on: 04/09/13
A little goes a long way with this spice. With Hell Flakes you add multiple flavor notes to a dish. Many are hesitant to add spice fearing it may become too "hot". Hell Flakes is the opposite. The flavor profile is sweet, slightly salty and spicy at the same time. The well balanced flavor subtly enhances everything!
Submitted on: 03/22/13
Love this tasty pepper spice blend! Just the right amount of heat. It doesn't alter the flavor of my dishes- no vinegary taste or added salt. Its super on pizza and in sauces. I also love it on eggs and mexican dishes. Well ...actually everything!
Submitted on: 03/22/13
Wow...this stuff is amazing! I put it on almost everything I cook to add that extra kick of flavor. I have been using it so much I keep it next to my salt and pepper. Great work Todd, you have created something I have never had before.
by Brian Meagher
Submitted on: 03/22/13
"Don't let the name scare you. Although it's a great name, this seasoning is not from Hell. What we have here is a flavorful and inventive blend of dried chili pods that you can shake onto any foods to spice things up. Think crushed red pepper flakes times 5 - five flavors that is. Highly recommended. This is our new "crushed red pepper" staple. Next time a recipe calls for that, we'll use Hell Flakes."
Hell of a flake
Submitted on: 03/21/13
Used in guacamole and also in beef stew. Did yourself proud, Todd. I'm thinking up new ways to try it. You're right..it is addictive.