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Heinz Ketchup Recipe
Heinz Ketchup
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Condiment
Calories: 23
Cook Time: 1 hour 35 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.7 (42 reviews)
By the age of 12 John Heinz was peddling produce from his familys garden in post-Civil War Pittsburgh. By age 25, he and a friend launched Heinz andamp; Noble to sell bottled horseradish in clear glass bottles to reveal its purity. Henrys pickling empire grew as he added jams, jellies, and condiments to the line, including ketchup, which was added in 1876. you'll still see the famous Heinz pickle logo on every product. And if you want a quick tip on how to get the thick stuff out of the bottle easily, don't pound on the backside like a maniac. Instead Heinz recommends a good smack to the embossed 57 found on the neck of every bottle. Today Heinz is the worlds largest tomato processor, with the famous ketchup bottles sitting on a shelf somewhere in over half of U.S. households. But if you find your house is all out, just create a simple clone with a few common ingredients. you'll get a whole 12-ounce bottle worth of thick, tasty ketchup with this secret recipe.

Check out this review of the clone that appeared in the Clinton Chronicle.

one 6-ounce can tomato paste
1/2 cup light corn syrup
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/4 cup water
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/8 teaspoon garlic powder

1. Combine all ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Whisk until smooth.

2. When mixture comes to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 20 minutes, stirring often.

3. Remove pan from heat and cover until cool. Chill and store in a covered container.

Makes 1 1/2 cups.

Submitted on: 04/06/14
Jean Luc de Tabite, sugar is not the enemy in the American diet. Splenda is a very bad sugar substitute, as are all artificial sweeteners on the market, with the exception of Stevia. High fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils and semi-hydrogenated oils are some of the biggest problems. Also GMO's, MSG and bovine growth hormones. I like this recipe because it is as close to natural as you can get without making the ingredients yourselves.
Jean Luc de Tabite  
Submitted on: 03/16/14
We don't know what's in the unhealthy American diet, but this is a good thing if you add Splenda or Stevia (just low the sugar by a third) I say thank you, pal. Very good recipe when you are in control.
Absolutely scrummy
Submitted on: 03/04/14
I've tried lots of different recipes as I don't want all the preservatives and sugar etc etc and I can honestly say that I prefer it to Heinz and will only this use this now.
Heinz Ketchup
Submitted on: 02/28/14
Perfect period
Submitted on: 02/06/14
I omitted the sugar and corn syrup, used honey instead. Used half the amount of water so it would be a bit thicker. Tastes best after it sits overnite and the flavors meld together. Tastes like ketchup to me only fresher. Anyone who doesn't like this recipe clearly has no appreciation for what fresh, quality and home cooked means.
Clove Oil
Shannan DS  
Submitted on: 12/11/13
The biggest secret not said is : CLove Oil or add some Clove Spice. To taste really and it adds the Zip without a ton of salt it is perfect.
Ketchup but not Heinz
Submitted on: 11/15/13
Heinz contains no garlic. It also contains other aromatic spices.
Changed a little
Submitted on: 11/14/13
I tried this before andit was great. My son said cut the vinegar a little. I did that and added tomato sauce instead of water. Used honey to sweeten and no salt to cut the sodium. Pretty darned good.
Submitted on: 11/01/13
Why have I not tried this before? So easy and perfect flavor. Will definitely try using honey instead of corn syrup next time like some reviewers. One question: It splattered like crazy while simmering. Anything to help with this? I thought it needed to be uncovered while simmering... Will be making this regularly
The real deal
Submitted on: 10/29/13
This recipe is the real deal! Tastes better than "store-bought." I quadrupled the recipe to fill a large bottle (with a little left over). Thank you so much for posting this recipe.
Heinz Ketchup
Submitted on: 10/02/13
This ketchup was great! So easy. I can't have sugar so the only thing I did was substitute Xyilitol same measurement and 1 t. Stevia for the T. of sugar, and doubled the spices. I also used Apple Cider Vinegar for the white. I thought it was a little strong but my son loved the ACV flavor. This is my new ketchup recipe! Thankyou!
Submitted on: 09/28/13
Just the single teaspoon of salt adds 2,400 milligrams of sodium to this recipe (or 200 milligrams per ounce). Leave out the salt for better health.
Finger-licking good
Submitted on: 09/13/13
Made this with thick organic honey instead of corn syrup, a salt mix of kosher and celery salt :) and threw in a dash of cardamom powder. Totally love it; now let's see what my six year old prefers when I serve up dinner tonite. Eva, Nairobi
Submitted on: 09/08/13
I tried this recipe because a family member can't have the red dye that is is store ketchup, so I tried this one. It was so good and a fast way to make ketchup she was thrilled to have ketchup again and she is a Heinz snob when it comes to Katchup. The only thing I changed was the corn syrup I only had raw honey in the house and it turned out great. sooo good. Thanks
Heinz Ketchup
Submitted on: 09/03/13
This is delicious! I was really surprised. Thanks for sharing.
Submitted on: 08/08/13
I did as Stevie with brown sugar. couldn't believe how great it tasted. Cut out alot of salt also. Thanks Todd
Just. F***ing. Brilliant.
Submitted on: 07/11/13
This is the best ketchup I've ever tasted! A rich tomato flavor and a beautiful color - thumps up from Denmark!
Top Notch!
Submitted on: 07/08/13
I made this exactly like the recipe and the next day did a side by side taste comparison with Heinz and it was exact! But much fresher and it tasted much fresher and more flavorful. Next time I will used honey instead of corn syrup as it is healthier for you and costs much less - it only takes about 25 or so minutes from start to finish, and 20 of that is simmering it. I would use about half as much water next time as it isn't quite thick enough and I like it as thick as Heinz.
Great imitation
Submitted on: 06/14/13
I couldn't get what I know as ketchup in New Zealand, where nearly everything is too sweet and their tomato sauce has cloves in it, so I decided to make my own. I used half a cup of tomato paste, only 1/3 cup of clover honey, no sugar and no corn syrup. Doubled the garlic and onion powder. Absolutely delicious!
Doesn't taste like Heinz
Submitted on: 05/25/13
I don't think this taktes like Heinz or Hunts or any other commercial recipe. The fact is, the brightness of the vinegar and richness of the overall tomato flavor make this a better flavor than any commercial recipe I have bought. This is a winner!
Submitted on: 05/25/13
Used brown sugar syrup I made by reducing one cup of water with 3/4 cup of brown sugar. No corn syrup and no regular sugar. Added extra garlic -fresh ... excellence
Great find!
Submitted on: 04/28/13
My husband is a ketchup snob, so when he insisted on having a taste of this recipe as it was cooking on the stove, I thought sure he'd poo poo it. Not so! After one taste he proclaimed "Now THAT'S ketchup!" Also used honey instead of HFC. I'll never buy ketchup again!
Good ketchup, easy to make.
Ella's Mommy  
Submitted on: 04/11/13
Now, while I don't like ketchup myself, my two year old does on occasion and so does my husband. I've been wanting to rid my family's diet of high fructose corn syrup and decided I could start making much of our foods myself. I found this recipe to yield a thick, flavorful ketchup. I was able to modify the recipe like many others to meet our food needs, i.e. I make it with honey also. I just wish it somehow would produce more! It seems we go through it so quickly-I've hard to start d
Far sweeter than and tastes nothing like Heinz
Submitted on: 03/08/13
While it makes a sticky, sweet tomato sauce, the liquid resulting from this recipe in no way resembles Heinz ketchup. It's excessive sweetness is reminiscent of Hunts (except too vinegary). It's also extremely watery. You may achieve a better result with no additional water and only a TBSP or so of sweetener and vinegar. But there are better recipes out there.
Mike Webb  
Submitted on: 02/26/13
Making it right now . Really easy and smells GREAT!!! If you go through alot of Ketchup as i do , then this is the recipe to make and enjoy like the stuff you find on your grocery shelf. You can add your own spice and whatever you feel would make the batch as good, or even better than what they produce in the factory. I added some crushed red pepper for some zing and ground pumkin spice for sweetness, boyy this taste better than anything you can get at the store. 12 out of ten! Definitly worth the time.
This IS the one
Matt Zumwalt  
Submitted on: 01/14/13
Our youngest tends to be a "Ketchup Snob" and would only use 'store bought' ketchup. I found this recipe and tried it. He never knew the differance. (We make new batches and put them in the old Heinz bottle :-D )
Heinz Ketchup
Carol Chiveral  
Submitted on: 02/24/11
I love this recipe, I use honey instead of corn syrup. I make it organically.
I modified this recipe
jeremy moss  
Submitted on: 12/10/10
I grow my own vegetables herbs and spices so I did not really need to buy any thing so I used home grown onions garlic and tomatoes. I added the peel and removed the seeds. Pureed about 12 of the tomatoes diced and cooked a garlic clove and a tablesspoon of fine minced onions, then I added the tomato juice and corn syrup sugar and salt. Reduced the sauce until it was thick like ketchup about the same time 20 min, then I put it in a plastic container.
Submitted on: 03/25/10
We haven't bought ketchup for over 3 years I always make my own. The only change I made to this recipe is to omit the water. My family uses so much ketchup I quadruple the recipe, this way I only make it about every 8 weeks. It keeps just fine in the refrigerator.
Submitted on: 01/07/09 of the better ones that I have tried. I even got my son to eat it and he said he couldn't taste the difference.
Submitted on: 04/27/08
Hubby & I love garlic so I doubled it in this recipe & it tastes fabulous! My international students also love my 'home-made' ketchup. Thanks!
Submitted on: 07/30/07
AWESOME doesn't begin to describe it! With 2 toddlers who love ketchup we use alot of it in our house! I've also made it organic by using organic paste, vinegar, and honey in place of the corn syrup and sugar. It's easy to make using a crock pot too .. I just whisk everything together in a small crockpot and cook on low for about an hour stirring every so often! This is my favorite of all the Top Secret Recipes!
Submitted on: 06/24/07
IT IS AWESOME! It's so smooth and thick. It's like buying it in a store! I like to thank you for posting this recipe! God bless!
Submitted on: 05/09/07
I loved it! Now, having acquired a taste for earthy, organic foods now, I substituted organic apple cider vinegar for the white vinegar, and maple syrup for the corn syrup. I used a golden less refined sugar for the sugar, but otherwise kept things the same. It was so wonderful! No more store-bought chemical-laden ketchup for me! With my substitutions there is a mild "twang", but it's delicious and so healthy!
Submitted on: 12/01/06
I think this is a great recipe. I don't buy alot of ketchup anymore since I make my own from this recipe. Even my fussy 4 year old likes it.
Submitted on: 03/30/06
I Am on a no HFS diet and most ketchup has it in it. First i tried making this with simple syrup because any light corn syrup i looked at had HFS in it, it was a little sweeter but still good; than i fuund out you can get just corn syrup in galon jugs some places!! it tasts Great!!!
Submitted on: 02/23/06
I substituted honey for the corn syrup, 1:1. It's a bit sweeter than Heinz, probably could have ommited the granulated sugar. Excellent taste though. Will definetly make again.
Submitted on: 11/17/05
Was looking for something else when I found this, boy am I glad I did. I'll never be without.
Submitted on: 11/09/05
i am from holland.and im so happy with this just tast so much better.en it cost a lot less.i dont now if my englisch is that wel but....i try.thank you.bye bye
Submitted on: 08/14/05
I love its thickness, but homemade just tastes so much better!!
Submitted on: 07/20/05
My daughter only eats Heinz, she doesn't know the difference...I can do a lot of ketchup for a fraction of the price.
E. M. Camarena  
Submitted on: 07/20/05
I have not bought ketchup since discovering this recipe. It is absolutely worth the time to make, delivering a tomato flavor with tang and zest. The ketchup is thick and brimming with mouthwatering zip. If you don't believe me, try it yourself. Use the best tomato paste you can buy. This is what ketchup should taste like!