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Cliff and Buster Coconut Macaroons Recipe
Cliff and Buster Coconut Macaroons
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Cookie
Calories: 110
Cook Time: 4 hours 10 minutes
Recipe Rating: 0.0 (0 reviews)

While passing these out to each giddy audience member on her 2003 "Favorite Things" show, Oprah gushed, "Isnt that the best macaroon youve ever had?" The recipe for these delicious yet easy-to-clone coconut macaroons was passed down to Cliff Barsevich years ago from his grandmother, and they were served at the events serviced by Cliff and partner Ron Strles catering business. When customers continued to rave about the cookies, the duo began selling the macaroons by the box in high-end stores such as Neiman Marcus. With a lot of help from The Oprah Winfrey Show, the cookies have become a huge success. Still, at 15 bucks a dozen, its nice to have a clone that will satisfy your macaroon munchies at a fraction of the cost. Its the closest well ever get to a homemade version since Cliff says hes never sharing the recipe. He says when he dies hes taking the secret formula with him.

Source: "Top Secret Recipes Unlocked" by Todd Wilbur.

3 cups unsweetened shredded coconut (about 8 ounces - see Tidbits)
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