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Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake Copycat Recipe
Chili's Molten Chocolate Cake
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Dessert
Calories: 266
Cook Time: 28 minutes
Recipe Rating: 5.0 (25 reviews)
Menu Description: "Warm chocolate cake w/chocolate fudge filling. Topped w/vanilla ice cream under a crunchy chocolate shell."

Get out your "easy" button for this one. The clone recipe for this top-requested Chili's dessert is easy to make—and can even be made days ahead of time. A chocolate fudge cake mix is all you need for the cake part of the recipe or you can use the scratch clone recipe here. The cake batter is poured into the large cups of a Texas-size muffin pan. When the cakes are done and cooled, you make a secret hole where the hot chocolate is loaded. Now you can keep the cakes chilled until dessert time. To serve, heat a cake, plop a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, and top it off with some Magic Shell (a chocolate topping that hardens on ice cream). When your diners dig into the cake, the delicious hot fudge center oozes out of the warm chocolate cake.

For a live demonstration of this clone recipe check out this video.

Source: Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2 by Todd Wilbur.

1 18.25-ounce box chocolate fudge or dark chocolate cake mix
previous employee  
Submitted on: 12/07/13
I use to be a server at chili's. This is exactly how they make them. The ice cream chili's use's is Blue Bunny Ice cream. Trust me try blue bunny ice cream is the way to go.
I E  
Submitted on: 06/23/11
Better than the restaurant. Made in a cupcake pan and had 24 molten chocolate cupcakes. They were absolutely perfect!!! I also decided to change up the filling, 12 cakes had chocolate filling, 12 had caramel (same brand as chocolate.) Note: if you make this recipe with caramel, microwave cakes for a little less than chocolate.
Submitted on: 10/02/09
Having a couple in for dinner this past Sat. night I wanted to have something good. This recipe surpassed my expectations and got more raves than anyone could imagine. Would definately make this again, a keeper, as they say.
Submitted on: 05/30/09
Instead of a muffin tin, I baked them in Corningware (7-oz. cups,they call them ramekins). They were bigger, like the Chili's cakes. They do take a little longer to bake - you have to test with a toothpick. A regular cake mix makes about 8 or so. DELISH!
Submitted on: 05/17/09
OMG, could this recipe be any easier. It is truly just like the one I had recently at Chili's. Yummy
Submitted on: 05/13/09
I am actually a manager at Chili's in *^&%#$, ** and this is as true as you can get to making the Molten Choco. Cake at home!!
Submitted on: 05/07/09
yo this recipie is so awesome(lol) love it. YUMMMMMMMMMM Go Chilis! (lol)
Submitted on: 12/10/08
I made this for my parents anniversary and they loved it. Im making it again for my birthday =)
Submitted on: 09/27/08
Oh my gosh! I'm twelve and I love to bake. I made this for my two sisters and they loved it!!! (They shared one cause they are only 3 and 2 haha.) Thanks a bunch Todd! Oh, and my dad ADORES twinkies so you really helped him with that one!!! BRAVA!
Submitted on: 09/19/08
I have made these so many times. I also like the caramel on the plate and I put the top back on the cake. I found the Texas sized cupcake pan at my local craft store. I love that you can have them in the freezer ready to go and grab one whenever you're in the mood. It is the best chocolate dessert I've ever had.
Submitted on: 02/22/08
We made this last night and it was AWESOME. I used Betty Crocker's Chocolate Fudge cake mix and we too had to use the regular cupcake size but found it to be the perfect size for an individual serving. In our microwave 28 seconds was just the right time. I also saved the TOP part of the cut-out hot fudge well to put back on before freezing and the cupcake was able to withstand the scoop of ice cream on top. THIS is our NEW FAVORITE and super easy--Thanks, Todd!!!
Submitted on: 02/03/08
Awesome! The guests thought it was from Chili's and we said "no, we made it thanks to topsecretrecipes". It was great for Superbowl.
Submitted on: 11/25/07
WOW! If you've never tasted heaven, then give it a try with this one! The whole family loved it. My husband even told me that out of all the desserts that I make, this is his new favorite! And that's saying something. I didn't have the large cupcake pan needed, so I improvised, & it came out amazing anyway. This one's not only easy to make, but hard to screw up. And I read someone's previous comment about the caramel syrup on the plate and decided to try that. I definitely recommend it! Pushed a 100% amazing dessert up that extra 10%=110%!
Submitted on: 10/15/07
I made this recipe I used cupcake paper to make the cake. It made the cake a little bit small. I cut the bottom of the cake and dug out some of the cake and replaced it with the hot fudge. Then replaced the bottom when the cake and the fudge rested to each other they stuck together. The whole family liked them and even a couple of the neighbor kids loved them.
Submitted on: 10/09/07
Incredibly easy and yummm! Love the video. You should do this more often.
Submitted on: 10/08/07
One of your best yet, Todd!
Submitted on: 07/26/06
My whole family is addicted to the Chili's desserts and when I found this recipe I was so excited to try it out on them. This was SO EASY to make and taste just like the real thing. My family raved and raved about it. I almost did not want to tell them how easy it was. A few changes I made was adding carmel to the plate before putting the cake on it and it also did not take more than 25 seconds in the microwave to heat up anymore than that made it too hot. Also it made twelve cakes not eight, but who is complaining?!? Also when slicing out the center to put the fudge in I cut the top off the cirlce I cut out and placed back on top of the cake, a much better presentation. Thanks Todd!
Submitted on: 05/13/06
The Molten Chocolate Cake is delicious! My cousins loved it when I made it! They asked: "How did you get the restaurant Chili's to give you 10 of these?"
Submitted on: 04/11/06
This is my daughters favorite dessert - it was VERY good. You really wouldn't know if it was from restaurant or not. YUM!! Thanks - :o)
Submitted on: 03/27/06
This was even better than the orginial! I did have a little trouble when I put the scoop of ice cream on top of the cake, the cake collapsed. My cake was soft and moist, so had to put the ice cream on the side. Our Chili's also squiggles some carmel sauce on the plate first and I did this! Yum!
Carole Ingram  
Submitted on: 03/17/06
YUMMY!!! Tastes very similar to Chili's. This is super easy and if you got kids, they will LOVE it!
Submitted on: 03/13/06
YUM YUM! Made this for dessert last night, it couldn't be easier and it looked like it was complicated to make but it wasn't.
Mary Lynne  
Submitted on: 03/10/06
This is my kid's favorite dessert at Chili's. Needless to say, this was a big hit at our house! And it's easy too! Thanks for a great recipe!
Submitted on: 03/08/06
5 stars and a huge YUM!
Submitted on: 03/07/06
You would never know you didn't just get this from the restaurant. Tastes just like Chili's own molten cake. My kids enjoy whipped cream all over the top too for a special extra.