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Arby's Sauce Copycat Recipe
Arby's Sauce
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Condiment
Calories: 238
Cook Time: 13 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.1 (40 reviews)

The beef sandwiches from Arby's would be very hard to duplicate since they are made from specially processed hunks of beef that are then thinly sliced with a deli-style meat slicer. However, the fast food chain's sweet-and-tangy barbecue sauce can be cloned easily. With just a few basic ingredients you can whip up a batch of your own sauce to add generously to a variety of homemade sandwich creations, even barbecued ribs or chicken.

Source: More Top Secret Recipes by Todd Wilbur.

1 cup ketchup
2 teaspoons water
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon Tabasco pepper sauce

1. Combine all the ingredients in a small saucepan and cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, until the sauce begins to boil, 5 to 10 minutes.

2. Remove the sauce from the heat. Cover and allow to cool.

3. Pour into a covered container for storage in your refrigerator. Keeps for a month or two.

Makes 1 cup.

Good sub
Submitted on: 06/23/16
I didn't read that part about cooking it...and I used Crystal hot sauce. I enjoyed it, it was good in a pinch!
Submitted on: 07/22/15
Best sauce ever made my own arbys sandwich
Submitted on: 05/27/15
Don Eret  
Submitted on: 05/27/15
Todd,I think if you take a look at Phil's BBQ sauce from San Diego, you will find a very similar taste to the Arby's sauce.
What Ketchup Brand?
Submitted on: 05/25/15
I want to try this but would like to know which brand of Ketchup is recommended. Some say it's great and some not. Ketchup brand my influence the flavor.
more complex than that
Mikey Hobs  
Submitted on: 04/15/15
Flavor profile more complex than just onion, garlic, salt/pep, Tabasco. There are clove and faint nutmeg notes, possible cardamon/cinnamon. Someone mentioned allspice/pimento can be tried inI minimal amounts
Submitted on: 04/09/15
I added a pack on Onion soup mix and it worked out GREAT yummy
Submitted on: 03/25/15
I added a couple shakes of worcestershire and subbed Louisiana hot sauce for Tabasco. If you like it sweeter then sprinkle in a little brown sugar.
Submitted on: 11/07/14
I don't know what the other looneys are talking about this is just like the arbys sauce they put on your sandwich not that nasty old crap in the packs. Really Easy to make perfect recipe overall my husband really enjoyed this to and he is very picky
It's close!
Submitted on: 07/26/14
This may not exactly be like Arby's sauce, but who knows what other chemicals they put in that stuff? (The preservatives alone probably add a bit of that flavor.) And for that matter, is the Arby's sauce from 25-30 years ago (the last time I could stomach their horrid fast food) the same as it is today? I had this recipe from one of Wilbur's original books, though, and I swore it had Worcestershire sauce in it. Nonetheless, it's like another review said--it'close!
Submitted on: 03/21/14
Not even close. I added cider vinegar and brown suger and little more hot sauce.
Great base recipe
Submitted on: 01/15/14
The recipe as it sits is nothing close to Arby's wonderful sauce, however, it is a great base. I made the recipe as directed and then followed the suggestions of corn syrup and Worcestershire. With those two additions the sauce was amazing!!! My husband (who by the way is the biggest complainer of copy cat recipes) was hooked!
Submitted on: 10/27/13
This was not Arby's sauce. It was too thick, wasn't sweet and was way too tart. We added water, sugar and Worcestershire Sauce. It still wasn't right, but it was better than it started.
try this
Submitted on: 09/11/13
Try adding white vinager to the recipe. It cuts down on the ketchup taste and makes it closer to the original. Add vinager to taste.
To much ketchup taste
Submitted on: 08/15/13
This was way off for me. Far to much of the ketchup taste. I'll try it again using some of the other suggestions but this was to far off for me.
Submitted on: 05/20/13
This is an awesome recipe! I also make homemade beef and chedders also, and just this sauce it was close enough that the family didn't even realize it!
Sally Flores  
Submitted on: 12/25/12
I have made this a couple of times. It is great, very close, different texture. Very yummy. Now, I just need the recipe for a beef and cheddar! I have come very close, my kids love them!
A decent runner up.
Diane Khatib  
Submitted on: 10/27/11
Overall when comparing side-by-side this is a nice runner up to keep in the fridge, but it certainly is NOT an exact match. I found when comparing live, this was more "ketchup-y" tasting, so I used some of the tips below and diluted it a bit more with 1/3 cup of corn syrup and 1/4 cup water. I also added the (previously mentioned) allspice, a hint of cinnamon and some cayenne pepper -AND because I was out of Worcestershire, I supplemented a TB of A-1 sauce and that actually worked nicely.
Submitted on: 12/28/08
Their ingredient list on their package says they use corn syrup. I added 1/4 cup which improved the sweetness and texture!
Submitted on: 07/14/07
Good, but I agree with those who say that it's definitely missing something. I followed the tip of another user and added 1/4 teaspoon of worcestershire sauce. That helped!
Katerina Terpak  
Submitted on: 03/19/06
This is excellent! Everyone at our house loves it!
Submitted on: 02/27/06
I believe I've hit upon what's missing - give allspice a try (maybe 1/2 tsp to start) and see what you think. A similar (but not identical) effect could be achieved by using clove, cinnamon and nutmeg (in that order) in about a 3:2:1 ratio. Thanks!
Submitted on: 01/24/06
My hubby would not eat anything but an Arby's Roast Beef before this recipe. Now I can make these at home with your sauce. This is absolutely wonderful!!!
Submitted on: 01/16/06
I added two teaspoons brown sugar, 1/2 teaspoon worcheshire, and a dash of chili powder. Could not tell the difference - had a fresh packet to compare and a Arby's giant roast beef - My wife and I could not tell the difference.
Submitted on: 01/07/06
Very good! Differences some people may be having is in which ketchup you use. I think there's a big difference in taste between name brand and store brand ketchup. Just a thought.
Submitted on: 12/04/05
Great recipe, I like to add 1/4 cup maple syrup, and replace the Tabasco with cayenne.
Submitted on: 11/08/05
The sauce is good, but it isn't Arby sauce. Though it is close enough that it will still taste good on a roast beef sandwich!
Submitted on: 11/06/05
Very good...tastes very much like the actual thing..I compared because I have Arby's sauce packets and they are both extremely similar. My parents thank you immensely.
Submitted on: 11/06/05
This is good, but try adding worchestershire sauce, that will make the sauce almost perfect.......try it.
Submitted on: 10/15/05
I made this quite a while ago and it was very good. I could be wrong, but I think the "missing" ingredient that some people are looking for may be just the slightest hint of...cinnamon. Not even a pinch, almost like you just stir it with a cinnamon stick a couple of times. Try tasting a spoonful and then just taking a whiff of some cinnamon and see if that's what's missing.
Adnan Rasool  
Submitted on: 10/13/05
I can't believe it I am actually eating Arby's sauce at home! It is exactly like the real deal!
Submitted on: 09/09/05
It's good, but there definately is something missing. Still liked it though.
Shawna Stites  
Submitted on: 09/03/05
This is the real deal, It tastes great! Its just like the original
Submitted on: 08/31/05
It doesn't seem to be sweet enough. I added a little brown sugar, but there is still something missing, and I can't put my finger on it.
Submitted on: 08/04/05
im the biggest fan of Arby's sauce! i just got done making it, and im letting it cool now. it smells so much like the real thing!
Submitted on: 07/29/05
I made this recipe 4 years ago, We love it especially on philly subs Yummy
Submitted on: 07/28/05
this is a good recipe...5 stars. Taste good and taste's just like arby's thanks!
Rhonda Hoover  
Submitted on: 07/22/05
Great sauce, I use it to create the roastbeef and cheddar at home. I serve them with curly fries I buy at the store.
Submitted on: 07/20/05
This IS a terrific sauce,,,, very, very close to the original. My family thnks you.
Submitted on: 07/20/05
It's an excellent sauce!!!!