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Applebee's Perfect Apple Margarita Copycat Recipe
Applebee's Perfect Apple Margarita
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Drink
Calories: 236
Cook Time: 10 minutes
Recipe Rating: 5.0 (4 reviews)

Here's a great twist on the traditional margarita. Sour apple schnapps and apple juice join forces with tequila and sweet-and-sour mix in a martini glass that's rimmed with cinnamon sugar. Hey, it's like drinking apple pie! This recipe makes one drink, but it's easy to double up. That's a good thing, since it seems like one is never enough.

Source: Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2 by Todd Wilbur.

2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 ounce Sauza Hornitos tequila
1 ounce Dekyper Sour Apple Pucker schnapps
2 ounces sweet-and-sour mix
2 ounces cold apple juice

Lime wedge

1. Mix sugar and cinnamon together in a small bowl, then pour the mixture onto a saucer or small plate. Moisten a napkin or clean towel with water. Run the wet napkin around the rim of the martini glass. Invert the glass and dip the moistened rim into the cinnamon/sugar. Set the glass aside for now.

2. Drop a handful of ice into a cocktail shaker.

3. Add the tequila, schnapps, sweet-and-sour, and apple juice. Shake vigorously.

4. Pour the drink into the prepared martini glass, spear an olive and small lime wedge on a toothpick and drop it in the drink, and serve it up along with the shaker if there's any left over in there.

Serves 1.

best I found
Submitted on: 09/18/14
Searched over and over for appletini recipes and they all sucked. This one is surprisingly good.
Submitted on: 11/18/05
I served these margaritas as our signature drink at my wedding. It was a fall wedding and we used apple cider instead of apple juice. People loved them. It was so funny to look around and see everyone licking at their cinnamon & sugar rim. People are still asking me for the recipe!
Craig Limmer  
Submitted on: 08/01/05
Wow! This is absolutely delicious!
Janell Hammersberg  
Submitted on: 08/01/05
Outstanding! Hard to stop at 2!!!!