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Applebee's Low-Fat Blackened Chicken Salad Copycat Recipe
Applebee's Low-Fat Blackened Chicken Salad
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Salad
Calories: 538
Cook Time: 4 hours
Recipe Rating: 4.9 (14 reviews)

Applebee's original Blackened Chicken Salad quickly became a favorite, encouraging this popular full-service chain to create a low-fat version of the delish dish. Since most of the fat in the original comes from the tasty honey mustard dressing, this version creates a dressing that tastes just as good, yet has not a single gram of fat. Combine that with fresh lettuce, shredded carrot, a little egg white, non-fat shredded cheese, and a delicious Cajun spice blend which generously coats grilled chicken, and you have a majorly munchable salad which is incredibly easy on the waistline. Who says you need gobs of fat to create a tasty meal?

Nutrition facts
Serving size–1 salad
Total serving–2
Calories per serving–420
Fat per serving–5 g

Source: Top Secret Recipes Lite by Todd Wilbur.

1/4 cup fat free mayonnaise
Submitted on: 09/26/13
Loved the honey mustard dressing...the chicken was full of flavor and I added a few more veggies...cucumbers...carrots...some croutons...next time...bacon...thanks for the recipe...thought I was having a restaurant style salad...
Submitted on: 08/01/08
This is the best! I could not believe how good this was and exactly like the restaraunt version!
Bob Dean  
Submitted on: 07/09/08
In a word... simply brillant! OK, two words! Great recipe, thanks!
Lisa Lopez  
Submitted on: 06/09/08
I made this for dinner today. It was great! It was satisfying and filling. Can't wait to try the other recipes. Thanks!!!!
miss sue  
Submitted on: 11/09/07
Thank you thank you thank you...I really enjoyed this as much as the "original"
Submitted on: 09/24/07
We love spicy foods and this chicken is the best. I found that marinating overnight "cooks" the chicken too much, because of the lime. Four hours is perfect.
Patsy Yarbrough  
Submitted on: 05/08/07
I love this recipe. The only way I change it is I put more onion powder and less garlic. YUMMY
Submitted on: 01/10/07
I think this recipe is awesome!!!! I love eating it at Applebee's and now I love eating it at home :)
Patty Young  
Submitted on: 04/12/06
With everyone watching calories, this is the best recipe for dinner with friends. When I don't have time, I just use dressing I have on hand rather then make my own. Thanks for making this best kept secret available to us!
Submitted on: 01/31/06
I was pleasantly surprised with how delicious this recipe was. I did have to make a special trip to the store for some of the more random ingredients, but it was well worth it. I used my George Foreman, instead of grilling on the barbeque, and the chicken turned out fine. I highly recommend this meal to anyone!
Submitted on: 11/29/05
This is so awesomely good. The only change I made was in the dressing. I'm not a huge fan of mayo so I used only sourcream and the dressing was better the second time I made it, lighter tasting and less calories!
J. Le Noir  
Submitted on: 10/11/05
This is a very good recipe which I have made numerous times. I like the chicken marinade as well as the Cajun Spice blend. I usually triple the spice and dressing blend. The spice blend so I have extra on hand, and the dressing blend so there is enough for our family of four. You can make the salad as suggested or make one of your own (we make our own). I find that the grilling part takes longer than recommended. Ensure you have a good exhaust fan when blackening on the stove as it will smoke a lot. Delicious!
Kristy Miotk  
Submitted on: 07/21/05
This recipe was great. The chicken had so much flavor!! I made the olive garden fettucini alfredo recipe and put this chicken on top. MMMM!!!!
Submitted on: 07/20/05
Absolutely delicious!!