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Applebee's Almond Rice Pilaf Copycat Recipe
Applebee's Almond Rice Pilaf
By Todd Wilbur

Recipe Type: Side Dish
Calories: 309
Cook Time: 50 minutes
Recipe Rating: 4.9 (7 reviews)

You're grilling some steaks or baking some chicken and don't know what to serve on the side? Try out this simple clone for a dish that's served along with several of Applebee's entrees. Since the recipe requires converted rice because instant rice is gross, you have to plan ahead about 25 minutes to give the rice time to cook. It's worth the wait. The secret to an authentic, great-tasting rice pilaf is sauteing the uncooked rice kernels in butter first, before adding the liquid—in this case chicken broth. Then, as the rice is cooking, you have plenty of time to saute the almonds, celery, and onions that are tossed into the rice at the end.

Source: Top Secret Restaurant Recipes 2 by Todd Wilbur.

3 tablespoons butter
1 cup uncooked converted rice
Submitted on: 04/18/10
This is THE BEST rice recipe I've ever tried. My family loves it with stir fry and as a side dish to chicken and fish dishes. Make it once and you'll be sold!
Submitted on: 03/04/10
Awesome recipe! I've made this a few times already, and love it every time!
Submitted on: 08/17/08
Delicious! Even my hubby loved it, and he's leery of anything smacking of "different" (at least at home - he'll try new things at restaurants).
Submitted on: 09/13/06
Coming from a Lebanese family my mother was skeptical about a pilaf from the "All-America" Applebee's but it was a big hit with my father and sisters
Submitted on: 07/05/06
Great recipe - thoroughly enjoyed. Shortcut: Instead of steaming the veggies I placed on a plate with cling wrap over and microwaved about 2 minutes until red pepper just started to soften.
Submitted on: 11/22/05
Me and my family, LOVED it.
Submitted on: 07/18/05
My husband loved this recipe.